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Seaweed buildup on Cas En Bas beach affecting businesses and residents

By SNO Staff

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The buildup of seaweed at Cas En Bas beach, Gros Islet is affecting both businesses and residents in the area. Not only is it taking over the entire beach, but it is also creating a bad stench.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) was given a tour of the area on Saturday, August 11 by concerned residents and business owners, who vented their frustration.

“The seaweed is hurting my vending business,” said Robert Eugene, a beach vendor.

Eugene said the seaweed has caused a disruption in regular business activity, which has resulted in less guests and residents frequenting the beach.

Staff of the 14 61 Degree Bar at Cotton Bay Resort told SNO that the seaweed is also affecting the hotel’s operation. Many guests have complained about the buildup of seaweed and as a result are shuttled to another beach for excursions, at the hotel’s expense.

Meanwhile, an excursionist from the International Pony Club, who chose to remain anonymous, told SNO that it is also affecting the club’s business.

“The seaweed is messed up; it’s affecting us and our businesses out here as we do horseback riding both on the shores and in the water. The funny thing is nature taking its course, but for how long, that we don’t know, because it’s more than a month we are trying to cope with it,” he said.

The excursionist explained that good Samaritans and other paid personnel were trying to haul truck loads of the seaweed off the sea shore, but it was pointless.

“The weed piles up on the shore much faster than the fellas can load the trucks because the waves bring them in much faster,” the source added.

For well over six weeks there has been a buildup of seaweed along the sea shores of various parts of the island. This issue is far from being resolved as there is a daily buildup.

Nevertheless, business owners and residents of Cas En Bas beach are calling on government to provide some assistance.

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  1. Yak. I wonder what diseases that came with. Also, people say don't blame the government for not helping and the people should clean it theirs elf. You don't know how hygienic this is. Also, if it hit Rodney Bay, NO ONE would have to ask the government to clean it up. They'd go do it their self!

  2. Have there been effort to determine the cause of the seaweed buildup.
    Is it something we can do something about locally? Is it something polluting our waters? Is it something coming from elsewhere?
    We need to understand the causes to determine if it is possible to prevent later

  3. In St.Lucia we allow mangoes to fall and rot along the way side; so, it's not seaweed we'll rush to clean up. The government, therefore, should take the initiative and the people will follow; after all, this is too big a mess for the average Joe to tackle.

  4. People we need to come together to solve this issue, the government can't do everything for us. This was caused by mother nature and as we know it affects the hotel most. I'm sure the hotel can send their garden staff to clear it as it wouldn't cost them much. My sister and I are always collecting sacks of seaweeds from that beach. Stop complaining as soon you guys will want the government to wipe you'll behinds. That's why you see people around moving forward and you're not. Get off you'll high horses and clean the beach, I'm off to get 10 sacks for my sister. Great manure for ground provisions and flowers. Soak it before applying as the little flies eat plants.

  5. This is an employment opportunity for the unemployed, if the affected businesses would contribute towards the cost of removing the weed. The sooner it is removed the more business they get, thus offsetting the cost of the removal of the weed.

  6. If it was drugs that wash up on the beaches lots of ppl would find a way to get some to make some money. We would hear the story and wont get a chance to snap a pic. We as st.lucians need to clean up mother nature mess

  7. why do we complain i bet u of i decide to use all of it an make a fertilizer business ppl wna fight me down and do it to smfh clean it up gov nt being affected its u the ppl do something about it!

  8. We are in the hurricane season these incident have occurred before and are not endemic to St Lucia. case in point...

    Barbados also has this due to the passing to the recent weather system.

    Why ( local community ) not grab a few rakes and have a clean up. Use the sea weed as fertilizer. The least you can do is to take responsibility for your surroundings.

    You can cope with mother nature but you cant fight her as there are TONS OF SEAWEED and more rough weather to come.

  9. Here is another link for readers to check out.

  10. This article is good for reading to see the benefits that can be derived from the harvesting of the seaweed which can be used as fertilized for farmers. See link below.

  11. dont want 2b known

    i waiting to c how fast they gonna do something about the seaweed up north, cuz we in the south(micoud community) have been dealing/suffering with it for much longer

  12. If it is for the horses business on the beach the sea weed can stay.These guys are so inconsiderate with their horses on the beach they can take their business elsewhere.Some of these guys are rude.

  13. Didn't the minister for agriculture say is was something to worry about when the people from the East of the island complained. Let see if he will tell the people of Cas en bar to use it as what did he call it manure? composite?

  14. Amazing. smh

  15. It's like we waiting on the government to do everything for us . Nothing can be done about nature .

    • I hope the Government do not help the Hotel before they help the local people like Micoud, Praslin who were the first to complain. I am happy that these people have try and have admitted that it is beyond them. Coud Mien alone cannot make it.

    • Well said.


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