Seatbelts likely prevented fatal accident in Vieux Fort

Seatbelts likely prevented fatal accident in Vieux Fort
The injured men (from left) Darcy Joseph, who was in the backseat; Garry Wilson, passenger seat, and Haige Wilson who was the driver.

Three young men – two of whom were wearing seatbelts – sustained multiple injuries during a vehicular accident in Savanne’s Bay, Vieux Fort on Tuesday, August 22.

The injured men have been identified as brothers Haige Wilson, 27 (the driver) and Garry Wilson, 21, both of Mon Repos, and Darcy Joseph of Cantonement, Augier.

The Toyota Corolla Levin in which the three victims were travelling.

According to Victoria Wilson, mother of the Wilson brothers, the accident occurred after 3 p.m. and involved a container truck, a BMW SUV, and a black Toyota Corolla Levin car, in which the three victims, including her sons, were occupants.

She said based on information received, the south-bound SUV was allegedly attempting to overtake the truck “on the blind corner” when it collided with the north-bound car, which sustained extensive damages.

The SUV also made contact with the wheel of the truck, according to reports.

The brothers and Darcy sustained multiple lacerations, bruises, and broken/fractured bones and were treated at St. Jude Hospital. They are all in stable conditon.

The SUV and the car involved in the accident on the left side of the road, while traffic passes by on the right.

Victoria said her sons and their friend were heading home to Mon Repos when the accident occurred.

She said Haige’s valiant effort to pull the car off the road, onto the soft shoulder/grassy area, failed to prevent the head-on collision with the speeding SUV.

She said her sons who also wearing the life-saving seatbelts, but it was Darcy, the lone passenger in the backseat, who sustained the more serious injuries.

Reports are that the driver of the SUV, who was the lone occupant of his vehicle, escaped serious injuries.

Police are investigating.

Inside the wrecked Toyota Corolla Levin car in which the three men were travelling.

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  1. Awa awa the fellas just was on a hustle and look what happened. Broken all types of places. They keep speed limits I. St.lucia


  2. the worse thing is idiots overtaking in strange places or them tooting you because they want to go. criminals


  3. I have had near misses with idiots overtaking around corners before. They are usually the ones not hurt when they cause these accidents. There will be a line of cars and these idiots will risk peoples lives just to et one car ahead. This driver needs to suffer a hefty fine.


  4. When fellas can't drive they crash often. Real weak drivers take public transportation or ride a bike to your destination. CRASH DUMMY


  5. This is one thing they taught me in defensive class and they showed clips of it is to always wear your seat belt.

    You can see the reason why the back occupant had more injuries cause he had no seat belt on
    Also the other two were lucky that the back passenger didn't kill them cause if u in the back and u dont have a seat belt you can be thrown around and hit the other occupants with your body weight and kill them.


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