Season 2 of ‘Sanford-Belle Presents’ premieres tonight

Season 2 of ‘Sanford-Belle Presents’ premieres tonight

PRESS RELEASE – Producer and host of the Caribbean news-magazine television series Sanford-Belle Presents says her audience will benefit from participants’ candor and the overall sound, inspiring information in the upcoming season.

“The individuals featured in this season’s content come from diverse backgrounds; each with their own unique story. Personally for me, this whole journey has been an incredible learning experience. The people I have met and interviewed for this show are truly inspiring,” Onel Sanford-Belle said.

Commenting on the premiere episode shot in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Sanford-Belle said, “These episodes shot (in part) in The Middle East are truly representative of our natural tendency to integrate as Caribbean people. The participants hail from various Caribbean Islands, including St Lucia, and the information they share really invokes a sense of Caribbean pride. That’s how I felt, when I heard their stories, and I hope that that translates to an empowering viewer experience.”

Asked about topics to be featured as Season Two rolls out, Sanford-Belle says’ “I won’t want to give away too much, however, I can share that it is truly a blend hard and soft stories. We managed to interview a number of prime ministers, The Governor of the Central Bank, several professionals across disciplines and several young people form various islands. Actually, youth have a special place on this show and our youngest subject in the series this year is 9-years old. We also had an opportunity to work in Martinique – specifically with the Office of the Regional Council of Martinique. So, there is so much to share over the next 13-weeks.”

The new season, which launches on DBS Television and regional channel, Caribvision on Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. respectively, builds on a relatively successful first season in 2013. The Sanford-Belle series was popularised in St. Lucia by the producer’s presence on the DBS Newsworld, which is reported to have a nightly audience of 65,000.

Sanford-Belle joined the DBS team in 2011, and now, some two and a half years later, the regional journalist and film/television producer is poised to launch a second season of her independent television news-magazine show.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Effy Jewelry, one of the largest US manufacturers of fine jewelry, the show now has a new presenting sponsor for its next thirteen episodes starting this Sunday, May 18.

Marketing Director Martin Fix, speaking from the company’s multi-floor nucleus in New York City confirms that Effy is “very excited” about the partnership. “We believe that Onel will aptly represent the Effy brand and we value the platform that the show offers.”

There are over 20 Effy retail stores in the Caribbean, with others located in Alaska and throughout North America. The company has a long and rich history that literally started in a “suitcase” and has mushroomed over three decades, into a ubiquitous brand with the distinct identity of being both a manufacturer and retailer of exquisite jewelry. Effy pieces can be had from retailers such as Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, Shop NBC, Columbian Emeralds, The Bay in Canada among others.

Commenting on the Effy partnership and other sponsorship of the show, Sanford-Belle says, “Season two will really seek to engage our audiences on a meaningful level. We have been fortunate enough to have attracted partnerships with some venerable brands this season, and this has enabled us to broaden our story treatments to include more islands and the Diaspora.”

However, according to the popular presenter/producer, “we could not have done this without the support of Effy and our associate sponsors Baywalk Mall, Revlon Make-up and L’Oreal Advanced Haircare. So we have three international brands supporting us, as well as the biggest shopping mall in St Lucia. I think that is a serious endorsement and I am humbled by this level of support.”

The show is syndicated and is currently aired in more than twenty Caribbean Islands and other markets in the Diaspora. In St Lucia, DBS Television is the show’s exclusive distributor, whilst Caribvision is the regional conduit and JTV the Virgin Islands (UK) distributor.

Asked to summarise what her audience should expect from her in season two, Sanford-Belle says: “They can expect to be better informed on a blend of subjects, issues and current affairs. All of our episodes are explorations and the plan is to build on the success of season one, with a promise to inform, educate and inspire debate with every single episode.”


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  1. Congratulations are abundantly in order, to Mrs. Sandford-Belle! Here's wishing her continuing success. Her presence/intervention has contributed significantly to the deepening and broadening the scope of our (especially main stream) local journalism! Bravo Madame!


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