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By Neil Saunders

Neil Saunders

My name is Neil Saunders and I am acting on behalf of Joseph Ernest who is the son of Anne and Harrison.
Looking for information about a family from Soufriere.
– Annie Ernest (1915-1949) also known as Annie Regis or Annie Gerson or Annie Germain.
– Worked at the Ruby Plantation in 1938.
– Married Harrison Johnston Gerson about 1939/1940.

Interested to hear from anyone who knows about them and their parents.

The best way to contact me is by email –

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  1. Just a minuet what is wrong with you st. Lucian? You display unkindness; In 1990 I wrote to a news paper in a Caribbean Island looking for my grand father's family, he came here as a young man and never returned to his home land. I never knew him he died years before I was born. I got them; his sisters and brother's children and their grandchildren, no one in that country treated me in that manner.
    Persons who knew the different families contacted them for me and I traveled a few months later to visit them. I am very thankful I met them. I love my family to death never regret I met them. I had two foreign grandfathers I never knew, yet I made it my business to meet their families. I'm proud to be a Caribbean woman!

  2. If family is being traced from so far a big money is at stake (inheritance). Come spread the love (money) for some information.

  3. My mother NOM k°k@👴

    He dont have to look far ..either a bernard a chastenet a douboulay a hackshaw..onna there a reward for me narrowing down?

  4. I'd love to trace my family tree as far back as it could go but highly unlikely.

    I hope you get through and that it ends well for all involved.

    Good luck

  5. St. Lucians not easy. Those replies just roll me over...

  6. straight SHOOTER

    Hire a private investigator for a small retainer, will not cost you too much, but free information no sir. We are all poor people down here.

  7. Yes I am family and next of kin, send the money to me please

  8. Boy pass ur skin come look 4 ur family!!

  9. first of all no body knows you from jack adams,you think just so they going to give you information about a family cause you post a nice picture up and you say you acting on behalf of who ever and sent it on the news.

    How do people even know who you say you are? and do you have some type of power of attorney or legal document to claim you are acting on behalf of this person? to make it worst you only have a email to contact you. an email can be from anybody

  10. There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.
    – Galatians 3: 28

    • You people should stop displaying your unkindness and high level of ignorance. This man might have just traced his family tree which people do quite often abroad. Keep your negative comments to yourself or go and make yourself wise before you post stupid comments like these. There is a saying which goes "if you think education is expensive, try ignorance" and this saying absolutely true.


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