Search underway for woman in Laborie

Search underway for woman in Laborie

Police and residents are reportedly searching for a woman in Blackbay, Laborie.

The woman has been identified as Saddie Byron, who is believed to be in her 30s.

She has not been heard from the entire day and relatives and friends fear something is wrong.

Sparking more worries is the fact that some of her personal items have been recovered.

A search is underway near a bridge and surrounding areas.

More details as soon as they become available.


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  1. Knew her for many years. Omg whts wrong with st lucia lord help her ... I hope she's ok .tht news brought tears in my eyes


    • about two weeks ago there was a suspicious man hiding under that same bridge in laborie.he would pop his head out and every time he sees someone approach he would hide himself back under the bridge.i didnt see his face but someone from the area saw his face and the resident was very annoyed because he said he dont like strangers snooping in the area like that.but he had been under that bridge for quit a while.


  2. Looks like Operation Restore Confidence will have to be put in place again, considering all these murders, rapes and other violent acts that is taking place in our nation. Criminals threatening the Minister of Home Affairs! Criminals threatening Police Officers. Now they targeting the family of police officers and possibly raping & killing them???????? Wow... ORC please save us....


  3. There has been lots of talk surrounding her supposed death. Yes her personal garments were found. However, she has not been confirmed dead at this point. She is still considered missing. We are still looking and hoping to get some more concrete info as to her whereaboits. We can only hope at this point.


  4. Father in the name of Jesus I pray that u cover this woman under your wings.ppl of St.lucia we all need to repent and take a stand for God so we can put the devil to shame.the devil is desperate and hungry for lost souls.young ppl your life don't belong to u turn away from the wordly affairs and cum to god.we are living in the perilious times where the time is close.the let us put the devil to shame.let us take our rightful postion and bind the devil.lord I pray u do a work and a change in our land amen.


  5. I pray in the name of Jesus that God put this young lady under his covering.ppl in our nation please repent the end times are near.the devil is desperate hungry and he wants souls .ppl let us come together and send the devil back to where he came from.we have the authority let us serve Jesus our land is crying.too much witchcraft and soceres are operating.let us pray and bind the devil.the victory belongs to god.amen


  6. No body has been found stop spreading false news ...only her panty and bra was found along with some blood at the scene ..she is still missing


  7. What us going on .this news sound scary .they found some of her items lord i beg let them get her safe lord heal our nation pour out your spirit in this land.nor one day is nor a sad leaders nvest more of god calling our all our church leaders fast and pray member of churches take jesus seriously cause satan is causing havoc


  8. The most logical thing would be to post a the public assist if they don't know they are to look out for....i pray that she is found safely


  9. Now a woman missing haven't been heard from all day,St.Lucia will mad me Jah Jah Father.St.lucians give you'll self a rest take time.Just fear God stop taking lives,you'll pace to deadly.I hope the utmost best they find her safe but missing all day and no communication with family.It does not look promising. You'll busy St.Lucia idle minds.


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