Search on for the face of Piton Beer calendar 2016

Search on for the face of Piton Beer calendar 2016


PRESS RELEASE – As Piton Beer winds down a very exciting and productive 2015, Windward and Leeward Breweryenters the exciting final quarter with the official search for the new face of Piton Beer’s 2016 calendar.

In the past, the much sought after Piton Calendar has been graced by a number of beautiful Women18 years and over who represented the brand well and this year, the intention is to maintain the standard and excitement generated by this keepsake.

Brand Marketing Manager, Rohan Lovence, explains, “The search for the new face of our 2016 Calendar takes place online and interested Women must submit both a head shot and a bikini photo to be considered during the initial stage of the competition. 10 Women are then selected for the next round and this will be further reduced to 3 persons.

The final round will see these 3 ladies as part of a photo shoot done by Belle Portwe – the winner for the calendar will come from this stage of the competition.”

Interested Women who wish to participate in this competition can visit the official Facebook page for more information, or send an email to [email protected] Photos will also be accepted at the company’s offices at Vide Boutielle.  The deadline for submission of all photos is October 9th 2015.


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  1. The one thing consistent in this country is the exploitation of young women. Any young lady who has any kind of worth will not participate in this activity. Note they are only asking for pictures if young ladies only, in their swimwear. Just so a panel of judges and not to mention facebook fans can look at you at all angles and select you based on how fat your pum is in your bikini and if your cleavage is more outstanding than the other girl's. please ladies have some esteem in your self and value yourself some more, your are worth more than being placed on a beer bottle so drunks can jack off to you....please...


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