Sea urchin fishery to open for seven days beginning October 19

Sea urchin fishery to open for seven days beginning October 19


PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries, Co-operatives and Rural Development informs the general public that the Sea Urchin Fishery opens for 7 days from October 19-25th, 2015, both days inclusive. And will remain closed from October 26th, 2015until further notice by the Department of Fisheries.

During the open period sea urchin fishers are urged to follow the harvest conditions that require a minimum size limit of 9cmto ensure the sea urchin population is sustainably managed; and all harvesting activities must cease at midnight on Sunday October 25th, 2015.

No person shall be allowed to have in their possession or expose for sale any sea urchins (sea eggs) after the closure of the harvesting period.  Fishers and the general public are hereby urged to observe and comply with the aforementioned conditions.

The Department of Fisheries will be conducting monitoring activities island-wide to obtain information on sea urchins captured during the period and will be working along with the Praedial Larceny Unit and other enforcement agencies to ensure that all persons abide by the harvest conditions stipulated above.  The public is also encouraged to report any suspected illegal activities.

Contravention of each offence shall result in a maximum fine of up to five thousand dollars (EC$5000) as stipulated under the Fisheries Act Cap. 7.15.


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  1. I remember fetching and eating the white sea eggs. But I never knew the black is also edible. For me that's a first.


  2. There was a time in the 1980s when white sea eggs could be found in abundance whilst wading at Vigie Beach. Not sure why the sea egg population declined in the last 25 years but it could be a sign of a deteriorating marine environment.


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