SDRF dock wardens receive training in ISPS Code

SDRF dock wardens receive training in ISPS Code

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – On Tuesday June 26, 2018, ten (10) Dock Wardens completed a two-day certification course in the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code at the conference room of the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF).

The two-day session which ran from Monday June 25, 2018, was facilitated by the Director of Maritime Affairs, Mr. Christopher Alexander of the St. Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA). The Wardens were brought up to speed on how to effectively ensure security of ships/vessels using the port facilities at the Soufriere Docks. At the end of the course, the Wardens were tested on their knowledge through a final exam.

Mr. Alexander expressed his contentment with their performance. “I am overwhelmed by the participants having obtained an over ninety percent passing grade. The Wardens are now equipped to provide a better service at the Docks in Soufriere with what they learned during the course.”

Upon the completion of the course, the ten (10) participants received certificates during a brief ceremony addressed by the Acting Executive Director Mr. Lester Cazaubon, Director of Maritime Affairs Mr. Christopher Alexander, Chief Security Officer Mr. Nicholas Nestor and Dock Wardens Supervisor Mr. Lennox Perpie.

Participants were thrilled to have completed such an important course of training and pledged their willingness to change the operations at the Soufriere Docks.

The Soufriere Foundation is a not for profit organisation located in Soufriere. Its mandate is to undertake social, economic, cultural and other sustainable developments in the Soufriere region. The organization which was established in 1993 generates revenues from its operational sites: the Sulphur Springs Park, Gros Piton Nature Trail, Comfort Center, Soufriere jetties and 88.5 Soufriere FM.


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