SDA church to host ‘Family Life Symposium’ in Ciceron

SDA church to host ‘Family Life Symposium’ in Ciceron


PRESS RELEASE – The Ciceron Seventh Day Adventist Church in collaboration with motivational speaker, JP and certified psychotherapist Dr. Urban Seraphin is set to host the annual family life symposium with the theme “HOW TO HAVE A BETTER (STRUCTURED) FAMILY IN THESE TROUBLED TIMES!!” at the Ciceron Community Center from August 29 to September 5th 2015.

The week-long series seeks to equip members of the community with the training and skills needed to address many of the issues facing families in the community and wider island.

The planners of the event hope to reinforce family values, empower at risk youth, address suicide behaviour in the family, and equip individuals and families with the skills necessary to improve their family relations and have better structured families.

Dr. Seraphin is a motivational speaker, certified registered psychotherapist, civil status officer, a justice of the peace, and certified Mediator of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

In addition, he is a former member of the Saint Lucia Medical & Dental Council and Chairman of the Allied Health Council. He currently manages a private psychotherapy clinic and the Family Rehabilitation & Singles Centre [FRSC].

Dr. Seraphin’s well documented credentials as a civil status officer and certified mediator of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court provides him with a unique perspective in dealing with family issues, especially in troubled communities such as Ciceron.

Some of the topics which will be addressed include:

-How to Celebrate the Family

-Parental Skills: Goals for Parenthood

-Conflict Resolution

-Domestic Violence

-Identifying Suicidal Behavior in the Family

-Youth Personality Development

-Child Abuse

-Issues of Compatibility for Marriage

The theme “HOW TO HAVE A BETTER (STRUCTURED) FAMILY IN THESE TROUBLED TIMES!!”” seeks to highlight the increased need for training and support services provided to families, as the worsening financial climate has added increased burdens and stress on the modern family.

The week’s long activities culminate with a clothes drive for fire victims from the community of Ciceron. In addition, other services to be provided include; marriage ceremonies (available upon request), the renewal of vows; suicide counseling; youth empowerment and parenting skills training.

For further information or to request an interview, contact Dr. Urban Seraphin at 458-2102.


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