SCSS class of 2000 sets high standard in giving back

SCSS class of 2000 sets high standard in giving back

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PRESS RELEASE – The members of the class of 2000 of the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School have come to the aid of their alma mater once again.  On Monday 12th October, 2015 the group brought much needed relief to the IT department of the school by donating 21 computer mice.

This donation has made a great impact on instruction in that department as it negates the need for students to travel to the Community Access Center for EDPM classes for the upper school CXC programme.  Overall, this helps to maximize instructional time as travelling time to the Community Access Center is eliminated.

This group which most recently declared its adoption of the school just over 4 weeks ago sponsored the complete facelift of the school’s outer wall which bears the name of the school.

They sponsored the power-washing, the cost of paint and the labor for painting.  The group continues to work very close with the school’s administration to target important areas of development which in the long run will benefit the students all students.

The principal, staff and students of are deeply touched by the immense generosity shown by this group of past students.  Their enthusiasm and passion continues to inspire.

With partnerships such as these the school administration and staff are of the firm belief that the school will become one of the most effective educational institutions on island.


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