SCSS class of 2000 make lunchtime more comfortable for students

SCSS class of 2000 make lunchtime more comfortable for students

8268412e-5661-43f4-9c99-c04073a0f811PRESS RELEASE – On Monday 18th April, 2016, the SCSS Class of 2000, a group of past students that are synonymous with consistent philanthropic activities for their alma mater has done it yet again.

Three large and sturdy lunch tables have been donated by this group to help create a more comfortable eating environment for the students especially during the luncheon periods. The group made the presentation of the lunch tables to a very appreciative principal Mrs. Joan Hippolyte and the staff and students at their regular Monday morning assembly.

Prior to the presentation, there was only one lunch table available in the school’s canteen area to potentially serve a school population that exceeds 500. This the members of the class of 2000 found was not acceptable and needed immediate remedying.


The past students of SCSS also took the opportunity to congratulate the school on all its recent achievements in various areas including winning the Francophonie Spelling Bee competition, winning a special award at the National Science and Technology Fair and dominating schools sports on the island among other major achievements.

The members of the class of 2000 of the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School are most definitely blazing a trail of generosity and loyalty towards the school that shaped their teenage years and has laid the foundation for their further development and success.


The students of the school have certainly taken note of this robust outpouring of charity and passion by this group. One feels that the current students will be so inspired to adopt this measure selfness for the school that is shaping them and preparing for advancement later in life.


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