Screaming for help! Garbage everywhere (letter to the editor)

Letter to the Editor

17793027_10208899190469267_1699221523_nDear Editor: I have been to the Ministry of Health, Solid Waste management and City Council and no one has done anything to help.

These photos show the entrance to my home. I recently opened my business and this not healthy at all and bad for my business, which is a meat shop.

Every day my husband has to be picking up sanitary napkins and nylons of s—, not one but three sometimes.

I’m disgusted and enraged by this form of behaviour, when there is a bin not too far from the area.

Please help!

Concerned citizen


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  1. Bring back the Police Zodi, since we cannot find traffic police anywhere in town to write tickets, the police zodi would do a good job, I can assure you that.

  2. Shame, shame, shame!

  3. This would never be allowed to happen if was anywhere near the Rodney Bay area....

  4. All this garbage REFLECTS the state of mind of Saint Lucians. They listen to, and follow unending political garbage on the platforms and on the air, that it spills in physical garbage form everywhere around the country.

    Garbage in.

    Garbage out.


  5. What shame Romanus Lansiquot must be rolling in his grave!!! How did St. Lucia come to this when even the City and Town councils are passing the buck!!??? Where is the national pride? Is this the tourism driven economy spoken of when people can't even care for their surroundings what disgusting shame!!!

  6. Environmentalist

    This is disgusting... again no advocates for the environment. This is what we should ALL be fighting for. Take proper care of your surroundings, it is not for one but for all. It is not only when our environment is threatened by the government should we stand up. We should ALWAYS look out for the environment regardless. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Takes NOTHING to dispose of garbage properly especially when there is a bin right there.

    Damn shame!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm not surprised. Lawlessness is rampant on this island.

  8. Pictures like this are already all over several travel social media site, unfortunately.

    And we wonder why fewer tourists visit SLU, and, more importantly, why those that do stay within the resort due to St. Lucia increasingly being an unsafe dump.

    It's very sad.

    Also looking forward to using Google's new Fact Check feature that was launched today,

    God Bless.

  9. Mary too busy making her calls

  10. what area is that?

  11. concerned foreign citizen

    Take a whatsapp picture of the individuals and show it to the police and solid waste then they will be charge/fine. Nasty


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