Scratch winner announced!

Scratch winner announced!

Every day is a day for winning. You too can be a winner!!!

SNL would like to congratulate Ms. Margurrith Octave, top prize scratch winner. Ms. Octave won $5000 on the scratch game ‘Pay Day’ and admitted excitedly that the money couldn’t have come at a better time. Ms. Octave who is a loyal scratch player said that this win has motivated her to keep playing.

In addition, Ms. Joanna Beaubren was another proud winner of vouchers for Duty Free Caribbean and Jewelers Warehouse altogether valued at $750.
Remember our ‘All About You Promotion’ is still in effect until September 5th 2014. To recap, this summer promotion gives you opportunities to win trips, vouchers and all inclusive weekends when you spend $9 or more on Lucky 3.

At SNL we’re changing lives.


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