Scrap DSH project, plant marijuana and hemp (letter to Saint Lucia)

Letter to the Editor
Marijuana plantation at Fond St. Jacques, Soufriere. Discovered by police on September 12, 2014.

Marijuana plantation at Fond St. Jacques, Soufriere. Discovered by police on September 12, 2014.

Dear Saint Lucia: I’m all for a better financial and economic future for our beautiful Helen of the West.

I strongly disagree with a proposed project that utilises 700 acres of land. I agree that the land is underutilised and some parts have never been used and should be put to use in some way that benefits us all.

I refuse to accept that this is the only way to bring in investors: erecting an equestrian. It is true that horse tracks bring in large revenues, but how often do you hear horse races around the world? This is an industry that has been declining in popularity, and in our efforts to make a quick buck for our country have left this fact unexamined (or at least that’s how I see it).

My fellow West-Helleners, let’s be honest here, 700 acres of land can be more “creatively” put to use in many other ways. The BIGGEST in my opinion (I think you already know what I’m about to say) is marijuana and hemp. I honestly believe that the smartest, most creative and thoughtful move would be that of marijuana cultivation and production (heavily regulated and solely for export of course). A plant that which mother nature gave to us, one which cures many ailments and alleviates many pains and has 0 deaths on its record of use.

I am sick and tired of our “leaders” excuses and silence as to why they will not give even decriminalisation of a harmless plant. Trying all sorts of first-world ideas with third-world initiation. There are absolutely no reasonable excuses as to why we can not capitalise on such a bountiful and lucrative industry.

I was reading a document by the Marijuana Policy Group (MPG) of Denver, Colorado and was astonished at the report.

In the PDF labeled ‘The Economic Impact of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado’ I quote under the section titled ‘Synopsis’ that “legal marijuana activities generated $2.3 billion U.S Dollars in state output and created 18,005 new full-time Equivalent positions in 2015” alone.

In the following paragraph, it reads: “Because the industry is wholly confined within Colorado, spending on marijuana creates more output and employment per dollar spent than 90 percent of Colorado industries.” To further make my point I will quote one more paragraph which states: “In 2015, marijuana was the second largest excise revenue source, with $121 million US dollars in combined sales and excise tax revenues.

Marijuana tax revenues were 3x higher than that of alcohol, and 14 percent larger than casino revenues.”

My friends, need I say more, need I point out the blatant inefficiencies and creative workings of our governments, our so-called “leaders”? If we have such an opportunity to grasp at a better life but are too ignorant and blind to do so, then I suggest we might as well pick up our shovels and go stand behind a $20m horse and wait for what will be left of our dignity to come tumbling down.

I am not a supporter of either party and will never be, until one shows the true balls to make actual change. I am upset at the mindset that we have kept cultivating, and sick and tired of politicians shoving political bull-sh*t (or should I say horse-sh*t) rhetoric down our throats every election year.

St. Lucia, this is my opinion, my proposal, and I urge you to make conversation on this. I urge talk show hosts to ask the question “Why not?” and the politicians to say “why shouldn’t we, for the betterment of our country and people and their future?”

I thank you for taking your time out to read this message. Coming from a local, a businessman, an entrepreneur who cares.

Yours truly

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  1. what post does DSH has for you? waitress? can you groom horses? you love being a slave,right? is it that you are just clueless or stupid?

  2. Dear st.lucians,

    I am the writer of this letter, i had no ides it would evoke such response in so little time and i look to create even greater discussion.

    I am glad you all realize that this industry has been highly valued and will continue to be. Countries like Amsterdam have been in the hemp business for decades and have continued to thrive to this day.
    I only wish we as a people weren't so ignorant and blind to blatant facts.

    I thank you all for writing your views. As a youth myself, i wish for a better future for myself and my young business. I wish to be heard but i also witu to be TAKEN SERIOUSLY!

    Once again, i thank you all.


    Mr. Anonymous

  3. Western Canadian

    Ok, so I read these postings and all the news I can soak up from here now because I like to see what people from Stl who have the time to do so have to say. The people I mostly deal with from Stl don't have day to day knowings of what is happening day, let alone the time to do what I am right now. I have taken it to shoot them messages of what I hear,like the death of the Laureate and what this man writing about legalization of the gift to medicate the people of your nation before the meds that strangle my home land's system to fix mental illness '. I'm of no dissolution that I think what I write will make any effect but to some those who write i tell you it really does. Did you know that smoking in Canada has taken generations to even understand the "bad"effects and I will tell you it's because it's a luxury that gives nothing back but vanity and injection of addictive chemicals and drugs, my observations in Stl is that smoking tobacco is a luxury, like why would you? Good on all of my beloved. I reach out to the people of your
    land please listen to bridge gaps and see to being progressive on a new product you specialize in. Hemp was and is and should be the natural way to make so many products the earth wants. Imagine a land of making an earning a way that makes proud and makes a decent living.
    A land that has to reach a long ways must be prepared to be progressive and use what other ones that have suffered to progress. It's like a bet with inside Information. So much to say and so many loved ones to represent don't know it can be done in my life.... but I give it all

  4. To the author of the letter. As an educator/researcher I support and echo your sentiments like THUNDER. Just last evening we had this same discussion, along similar lines. There ar so many other more beneficial, lucrative investment opportunities we should be exploring. INvestments that will bring moneys INto the country. INvestments that will help stimulate the economy. IF people would read, research and educate themselves about aall manner of matters we could have such great rhetoric (discussion). There are so many tings that can be produced from Cannabis/hemp. Clothing, oils, medicine, paper products, food. so many things. Do the research and find out WHY cannabis was in the US pharmacopoeia (a book/official publication, containing a list of medicinal drugs with their effects and directions for their use.) up to the early 1900's AND why it was "made" illegal. Did you know that in the US hemp was socially acceptable once upon a time? Do you remember when tobacco and alcohol were prohibited? DO you realize how many death have been attributed to the use of these two (2)? DO the research my friend. I am attaching a link to Granny Storm Crow's list (tons and pages of information on the medicinal properties of cannabis) for those of you who want to SEEK THE TRUTH.

  5. Sharon...what job YOU think you will get IF the DSH project does indeed become a reality? If you have a job now, I suggest you keep it (try to find an additional source of incomes as well). And if you don't have a job then you must know that the DSH project has NO start date and may take up to 20 years to complete. If you are 20 years may be 40 years old at that time ,having to compete with the then 20 year old generation for a job? So what do you plan to do until then Sharon? Please tell us, what is your plan?

  6. I believe with strict and proper regulation marijuana can become a viable industry and should be given some serious thought.

  7. This was wrll thought of ! Hats off to the person who thought of this

  8. That comment has no substance ... asshole reply

  9. Buddy I agree with you but sometimes society just does not want to accept change no matter how beneficial it can be to them. We need to open our eyes people just because we were grown up and told that marijuana is bad doesn't mean it's bad the law isn't always right we should be able to think for ourselves and not take advice from the man in the suite, who is he to tell us what is right and wrong. The country has no money, open your eyes people, everyday it's a killing. When we will want a change it will be to late because our loved ones will be gone already and we will sit back and wonder why didn't we do this in the first place, just give it a try and see how it can benefit the country. I'm not saying that anyone is wrong or stupid here I'm just asked "do not wait when it is to late" because that seems to be the norm in our country taking action when it is to late when we have lost several lives. It is sad that we cannot come together and just agree to make our country better.

    • you mean real change? its a pity to see how many would agree with DSH compared to this idea of development.

  10. Well written letter but i'm afraid we so far from the legalization of marijuana far less mass production

  11. But no they won't give us a chance, just 1# change un urll will see the PROGRESS

  12. I would agree with that . like you said, its a plant that mother nature gave to us and I still dont understand why its illegal. So many things we humans came and found by mother nature and because of some people who wrote some laws,all of a sudden they become illegal

  13. As someone who uses marijuana, it would be dumb to say that the plant is harmless. One thing is that it increases the risk of schizophrenia in adolescents who smoke it regularly, which is worrisome because mental health is NOT something that this island takes seriously (see: Babonneau-suicide related "jokes").

    Now, all that aside I do think we should legalize it, regulate it and tax it. And when I say regulate I don't mean in the way we "regulate" alcohol. We have a drinking age that isn't enforced by anywhere except the supermarkets MAYBE. Then our children grow up to have all these alcohol addictions, alcohol related diseases and whatnot bc alcohol consumption is engrained into our culture as well as Caribbean culture.

    With enough careful and thoughtful planning, which our government seems to lack since they are ready to ride the dicks of all foreign investors who wish to destroy our island's natural resources under the guise of "development", "economic enrichment" and "creating employment". I believe that we can create something for ourselves that doesn't involve selling our island out to the lowest bidders.

    • Thank you! at least one person is being honest about the potential dangers. I'm tired of people claiming it's harmless when there are documented cases of people dying from complications after using it, or young people being molested after being tricked into ingesting it. There are potential benefits but those who keep claiming there are absolutely no negative things associated with it are either delusional or think people are too stupid to check facts for themselves.

      • Fair point but the benefits far out weighs negative.

        We should also realise this is a dual discussion ie decriminalisation for social regulated consumption and but more importantly INDUSTRY/ EMPLOYMENT

        • We don't know the full extent of the benefits and the harms. Not enough studies have been conducted since the plant is, for the most part, illegal in many places. When it has been legalized in first world countries like Canada, we may see more studies about its effects come out.

      • everything is harmful my dear. even too much water.

      • Post a link to the alleged documented cases of people dying from"complications" of cannabis...Please and thanks..Not saying that you are wrong..just share it with us. When you do that I will post the undeniable, multiple, clear causes/cases of death, injury and destruction caused by a LEGALIZED DRUG called alcohol aka rum, whisky, liquor. If you look at the definition of drugs...alcohol is clearly defined in it...yet it is legal right? Not ONE (1) solitary benefit that can be clearly identified but we sell it everywhere right? Ironic thing is after the magistrate sentence you for possession of cannabis...they may very well go to a bar and throw back a few...what say you now?

    • And ALCOHOL!

      Until I see Lucians marching to OUTLAW Alcohol I will support the decriminalisat ion for mass production and export.

      Sometimes alot of the time we hypocrites.

      Alcohol is most likely the number one cause of deaths in Lucia not to mention the main cause of domestic violence.

      Free the PLANT.

      • Realistically, I don't see that happening. We do not take any steps to address alcohol and alcoholism as an issue.

        It is available everywhere for people of all ages to consume. Even Shandy, despite haaving a low alcohol content it isn't that harmful BUT it normalizes the consumption of alcohol for CHILDREN since it's "like juice".

        Bars here don't ID people, so teenagers under the drinking age are free to go buy alcohol. Alcohol is available for adults at KIDS parties. We have a mindset where alcohol is deemed necessary to have a good time.

        We have advertisements for alcohol plastered everywhere, online, on billboards, newspapers, television and radio commercials AND they sponsor events (which is a form of advertising) and all they do is have a little message at the end saying "drink responsibly" which is a joke.

        TL;DR - Lucians will never outlaw alcohol. Why? It is the one drug that older and younger generations can agree upon. Alcohol has caused more deaths than heroine and cocaine combined.

    • The plant is harmless, we humans that make in harmful improper use and abuse causes damage and has side effects, similar to the food we consume. And the benefits do outweigh the side effects. Get out of the brainwash the powers at be will always find a way of discouraging progress because that means they will lose power.

      • The plant itself is harmless yes. But what is the most common way of consuming said plant? Via smoking. Smoking by itself IS harmful. Psychoactive drugs tend to have side effects as well. The reason why people say it is not harmful is that not enough studies have been conducted to show the exact harms AND benefits of this drug. As more places are working to legalize marijuana (Canada & some places in the US), I'm sure that more studies will be done since consumers will be able to come forward and we can see what's what. Does this mean I am against the drug? Hell no. But it would be ignorant to think it is absolutely harmless. We need to be smart about this guys. It could really revolutionize our island.

        • Angry Citizen,
          Do you have any idea how much research has been done on this plant? The more they carry out experiments to try to prove it is harmful, the more the results show how beneficial it granny storm crow's list
's a link you can copy and past in your browser) And there are numerous other sites as well. Please do the research people. Find out why and how cannabis became "illegal" and the foolery and propaganda they used to spread the LIES

    • Out of all the people who tooi their lives in babonneau, how many smoked marijuana?

      • I don't know what but that wasn't the point of what I said. Increased consumption of marijuana can lead to mental health issues in adolescents and I do not feel like our country takes mental health seriously.

        In fact, if marijuana were to be legalized (or it were in the works), there will still be naysayers that will use the mental health thing as a reason to go back to criminalizing it because it is affecting our youth.

        Reading comprehension is a gift. Use it next time.

  14. Sharon you are absolutely CLUELESS.

    Ignorant and a major HYPOCRITE.

  15. Ok Then, plant weed instead. We are mad people. we have lost our rod. St.Lucia.

    • What is so wrong about marijuana, I see you drinking liquor on a Friday and you don't get arrested for drinking it. This is really stupid we drink liquor and keep it away from kids we can make it if we want to marijuana can be treated the same way why do we always have to think it's a bad thing because it's illegal. The law isn't god people it's not so it won't always be right our mentality needs to change we need to stop saying no before we even think of the benefits.

  16. Carrime G St Rose

    well mr anonymous, i am for one eh anonymous. my name is CARRIME GABRIEL ST ROSE, and i agree with ur letter 100%. and hope that this message changes some hearts and minds. and remember st lucians WHAT UR BREAD!!!!

  17. Good thought.. but to many brainwashed people on this island still caught up in the slave masters mentality even if the master say they are free they wont believe. these are the ones who prays with their eyes close while the master keeps his open.

  18. Smoothieprincess

    I agree 100 percent. Though I do not use marijuana myself.


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