Scrap CIP in its current form – LPM

Scrap CIP in its current form – LPM
LPM Leader Therold Prudent.
LPM Leader Therold Prudent.

The Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM) is calling on government to scrap the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP), which is due to take full effect in early 2016.

Leader of the LPM Therold Prudent believes that the beneficiaries may have a huge advantage to buy over local elections in the small Eastern Caribbean Island.

Prudent has expressed disappointment with the current structure of the CIP and has suggested that until proper restructuring takes place, the programme should be scrapped entirely.

The political leader said the current administration has not been able to address the unemployment issue and is not concerned about the disappearing middle class.

Prudent suggested that government should consider creating a programme, which will look specifically at granting permanent residence instead, and after five years of living here, these persons can be granted citizenship.

He reminded that from the inception, the LPM, has never been supportive of the CIP


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    • Kenny not shuting up but you want him to shut up. Chops.
      Half a ham all over the place and endless gimmicks going on politricks at it best by the slp.


  2. All are in for the pie. Some jump the band wagon without research and visionary planning whilst others laid back waiting to see how they could benefit and now CIP has become a very vulnerable prey, all are in attacking mode. All are in favor of reviews. I am in favor of abolition. Those who can protect their people are tightening security whilst vulnerable us are loosening the noose in the climate of things.


  3. First and foremost I don't support this Therold lad, but CIP is going to be the worse thing to hit St.Lucia. Every country in the region which has implemented this, their economy has failed and had to undergo an IMF program, look it up! The only thing more damaging than his program would be Allen Chastanet being prime minister.


    • You are so much against. What are you in support of now? It must be even greater liking for more SLP better days.


      • I support what's best for our country, and CIP is certainly not. That would just be selling our country.


    • Canada has had a similar program for decades and is still working; why can't St. Lucia have such a program. I am old enough to know the dangers of "opposing for opposing sake". At the time of constructing the Millennium Highway, the then opposition call the project "Tunnel Vision"; everyone now knows the value of this road. For further information, please go to


      • Is it really logical to compare St.Lucia to Canada whose economy 100 times larger and more diverse than ours. But if we do wanna make this comparison maybe we should also compare the tax rates in Canada compared to here, where 15%Vat is petty compared to what the Canadians pay.


  4. CIP is a good Idea, BUT, like everything else it is open to abuse; if the Government did their job and Screened the applicants: there would be NO problem. Scrapping it is STUPID, so are those who call for it. What alternative for Investment do they put forward??


    • because they politicize everything without weighing their value to our people. Political hacs on both sides.


  5. A. Popo, so because big Countries like Australia, U.S.A.,Canada have CIP, therefore
    St. Lucia should have it too? Have you checked the size of these Countries lately?
    How much of St. Lucia are you prepared to sell out? how much of our Businesses
    can we be tempted to sellout? next thing they will say to you, you cannot afford to
    buy here, you cannot afford to compete with us. The salops have allowed the big
    money people to own the whole damn place. Watch what happened when they allowed
    one or two Syrians in, now they have bought almost every thing in Castries except the
    Catholic Church. Soon will be the Arabs, their Billions and their four wives. Watch it.


    • What makes it the best thing? Is it because it says the Minister can approve applications so then some can go to the CIP office or get diverted. Richard Frederick in the Grinberge saga warned about this thing of the minister shall receive royalties so why not say the office shall receive or the Board shall receive? Current and opposition parties make noise and never remove these loopholes.....then again lets wait and see how this un ravels or when we receive applications then how does this money get spent. Lucians watch your bread!


  6. This is serious Lucians. This idea now makes it difficult for a Local to sell their home in this tough time. Why would someone buy a private home for $200 000 USD when they can get a passport for buying into CIP for 300 000 USD. the banks are already on most peoples backs. Private homes do NOT qualify under this programme,,


    • That is your fault. You do not encourage fellow voters to vote for the best candidates from either party. You most likely voted for a jackass candidate because you believed that one single person has all the knowledge and wisdom to make decisions for the country. Therefore, you do his bidding by surrounding himself with jackass MPs who he selects in turn, to run various of government. No attention is paid to quality, ability, knowledge, and achievement orientation. Just go ahead, get the title and shoot the shate,

      Clearly most of these people are complete square pegs in wrong holes. Together you get crass idiocy that takes the shape of programmes like CIP. Our people are too lazy to read and learn about anything regarding what is happening in the rest of the world and how that can affect us.

      We are always reacting after the fact. We wind up having ministers selling us as economic slaves to outsiders or eroding our national interest. We are paying dearly for our collective crass ignorance.


    • I guess a-lot of people did not read the article in its entirety and just decided to comment based on the title. The man is looking out for the chances of his affiliates and by extension himself at the polls and this is clearly stated in the second paragraph. On closer analysis of this statement one would realize that Prudent still believes that Lucians cast their vote for the party that can do the most favors and throw the biggest chicken and rum blocko which requires huge funds, if this was not the case that would be a non issue. On the flip side I got to give him credit for his honesty because the Chastanets would never admit this because they love being the big fish in this small pond with CIP the fish just got bigger.


    • So under CIP yall cannot sell the houses to the investors? Can they live in the passport? Also will buying a house or property instantly make one a citizen of that country?


      • Seriously I was ordering what her damn point was. cause she should not even consider selling the home for so much damn money. usually those homes not worth it. the real estate market in st lucia is among the most overpriced already. native st lucians in the mid twenties and 30's are already locked out of the property market both by cost of construction, materials costs and the ridiculous loans from banks. they don't need more competition like a 200,00 US dollar house. when their job barely paying 2 grand. and don't forget child rearing cost. no government has seen it fit to address this massive social deficit and what it will mean for persons now and future generations. their concern is lining their pockets with passport for sale money .


  7. did chastenet pay this guy to come and air out his foolish opinion??? prudent sit the buttocks down today will u...yall so love the country but yall would attack every initiative designed to bring a buck into this country...for christ sakes i wish these fools would quit already


    • Long before Mr Chastanet said a word agaimst CIP Mr Prudent has always been against it.
      What's wrong in stsnding against a sellout of the country. Are you people rigjt in your minds. Do you know how foolish some of you sound trying to defend the foolish actions of the PM and his government?


    • A buck at what cost? Remember we have many laws that are never enforced or have several systems of government that dont work properly or at all. To further compound the situation we bring in a new CIP programe that has not been thought out , no consultation....make me wonder who drafted this Act and how did they appoint a CEO? or if we cant get Invest St Lucia or the police or other investigative arms to do due diligence then how will this be different.? BTW is that money going in the Consolidated fund like the Taiwanese Funds? lol


  8. Interesting times. What a reputation Helen is getting because of these two red Doctors:


  9. CIP applicants should be presented to a board comprising of representatives of the private sector and civic groups. This board should be totally independent and free of political interference. The requisite investigative and auditing tools should be provided to this board to allow for proper due diligence. On approval the granting of citizenship should require the signature of the Governor General.
    No way should the financial temptations of selling our citizenship be put in the hands of dubious, self serving, greedy and unethical politicians and political appointees.


    • I agree but which politician on either side of the government will we the people get to agree to this? I do not hear Mary Issac the public service champion or Richard the Lion heart speak of this important point. Who is going to champion this cause and raise these important point.


  10. Opposition minor party not serious,opposing all the way for political mileage.St.Lucia is on the right track.Mighty America has citizenship for investment programs,many other countries such as Canada,Australia,England etc have such programs to spur economic growth.Any new program may face challenges this is about leadership for St.Lucia.


  11. Nice to see the LPM reclaiming an issue which have been theirs from day one. They are the only ones who objected to CIP from Day one and i beleive then to be the only credible voice on the subject of opposing this very bad initiative.


  12. I am in agreement with you sir. This program definitely need revisiting and some meticulous planning needs to be done .


    • When country bookies take over the government you get VAT, mongrels, mutts, and other dogs in three-piece suits selling and buying the country bit by f-ing bit.


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