Scott Atkins is still alive, says sister

Scott Atkins is still alive, says sister
Scott Atkins
Scott Atkins

A relative of 18-year-old Scott Atkins, who is the focus of a series of viral torture videos, has dismissed rumours that the St. Lucian teen has been killed.

One of the most recent videos making rounds on social media shows a young black man laying in a pool of blood on a road with severed hands, and another man pumping bullets into his head.

However, one of Atkins’s sister, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the deceased in the video is not her brother.

She said her brother is still alive but is still being held hostage.

In other viral videos, Atkins is being assaulted and threatened by men with high-powered guns, speaking a combination of Spanish and French.

Atkins is seen begging an individual named ‘Shawn’ to pay his captors because if he doesn’t they will kill him.

Local police are investigating.


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  1. For some reason I don't believe any of this....
    In all of Scott's videos he had on a different pair of trousers.. If u are kidnapped why would these Venezuelans take the time off to allow u to dress or even change ur clothing....
    Something about all of this is very fishy and does not seem right..... Just saying....


  2. The authorities need to identify and arrest Shawn on suspicion of drug trafficking and/or money laundering. Once they have Shaun in custody the big bosses in Venezuela will send an ‘extraction team’ from Venezuela by go-fast boats to remove Shawn from the BCF (or wherever he will be held) like they did a few years when they sent a team to remove two prisoners from the BCF. They will release their 19 year hostage when Shaun is safely in their clutches


    • You cannot arrest somebody on suspicion just by something being posted on the internet. Even though it may be proven that the young man has been kidnapped; but by whom and why?


  3. Have anyone gone on that guy Facebook n look at his photos. They don't tell a good story.I'm beginning to find it very difficult to believe that he's innocent in all this. Anyway I do hope that shawn pay up n for u to get your life back as u say , though I doubt very much that he took it from u forcefully. Have a strong feeling that u knew very well what u were getting yourself into


  4. Clearly this is a scam!!! You been held hostage and beaten and yet still your face is not swollen. Is this even real. Does Shawn really owe. Currently all Lucians are judge and jury for something they know nothing about


  5. Yes his still alive there not gonna kill them only sending out a messag for Shawn most there will do is have him work on a farm until he finish pay up there is other Lucian's there as well not the first nor the last


    • My God speak English. Shit. We're supposed to be a smart people and can't even speak properly.


    • Please, Please, Please Learn to write and speak English before you post non-sense only you will understand.


  6. He was fooled by his cousin to go n involve in some sirt of drugs buisness , y the cousin did not go along n put the innocent boy life in such danger.that cousin name shorn will pay for his action in the most dredfull way espiecially if the family r prayer warriors n that young man if he do set free ge need to give his life to god.


  7. Mate was troublesome ..but pray his cousin pay up and he better go seek God


  8. you go and deal your drugs for your cousin now you crying for your mommy, i sure she was warning you not to hang out with bad company or that shawn guy but then again some of these mothers more situwez.
    when they see money and gold coming in they dont care how their children get it and give it to them but when they take plock they was always a good boy.

    they tired of telling yall young people dont do or deal drugs cause look what life yall want with no work and most of yall tiffing the people that working hard.

    check the guy the police shoot whilst he and others were trying to rob him and all along the police was in plain clothes, he get what he wanted trying to live fast life, a bullet and at the end when he dead sister want to come and talk trash. so take what you get you should know that life have consequences and your experiencing one of them.


    • Agree I'm starting to think this guy is not as innocent as we believe,we do feel sorry that his in this situation, how did they know his Shawn cousin for them to kidnap him....he and Shawn may have gone and do their business and now peter paying for Paul.... Look at his fb page the place he flashing the money is the place he was being beaten in the video(the dry leaf and the yellow long cord say it) look at his fb he didnt go missing until after February he post a pic with a bullet on his finger Feb 8.I feel for his family tho


  9. Dont know this guy but my heart goes out to him and family.....plz ppl let pray for his safe return


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