Scotiabank agrees to pay out merit increases, NWU says

Scotiabank agrees to pay out merit increases, NWU says

(PRESS RELEASE) — The management of the Bank of Nova Scotia has agreed to pay out merit Increases to its employees of all its operational units.

For months, the National Workers Union (NWU), the bargaining agent for the employees, made the request but it would appear that the demand fell on deaf ears.

However, regional executives from Scotiabank flew in and held meetings with the NWU, chaired by officials from the Department of Labour.

The NWU is of the opinion that the bank’s decision to accede would go a long way in eliminating the tension that exists among the workers and rekindle the loyalty, confidence and contribution demonstrated by employees during the many years of the bank’s operations in Saint Lucia.

The parties have agreed to meet in the latter part of February 2019 to conclude all outstanding matters of an industrial relations nature.


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