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Schools urged to encourage students to participate in Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2018


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(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – SLUDTERA would like to urge schools to encourage their students to participate in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2018 in observance of Reading Month.

The competition is accepting essays, stories, scripts and poems on the theme of “Towards a Common Future” and it’s open to students across the Commonwealth ages 18 years and under.

Participating schools are asked to read the terms and conditions before submitting their writing before the deadline of 1st June 2018.
Please find below the Competition Information Pack.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition – Flyer 2018

See below the link to Promotional flyer for the 2018 competition including an explanatory blurb, list of topics and guidelines. Teachers are advised to put it in their classrooms, and student leaders are advised to share it with their youth groups, and post it to their friends – help to spread the word!

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition – Poster

See below the link to the poster and briefing pack designed for young people across the Commonwealth. Includes guidance, activities and quotes from previous winners.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition – Student Pack

Teachers and Principals, see below an easy way to introduce the competition to your students, with instructions, activities and social media links.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition – Schools’ Briefing

Principals see below a Briefing document for your schools to introduce the competition to staff and senior management. Includes winners’ quotes and details of available prizes.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition – Presentation

Principals and teachers, see below an informative presentation on the competition, its history and the benefits of participating including a creative writing activity. This resource is to be used for competition promotion to groups of young people. If you wish to deliver this to your school or youth group, please do get in touch at [email protected]

How To Enter

Please follow all of these steps:

– Read the competition’s Terms and Conditions and shown your parents?
– Check for spelling, grammar, punctuation and plagiarism?
– Consult the Frequently Asked Questions?
– Make sure you are using a computer. (the online platform currently does not work on a mobile device)
If you have completed all of the above steps, then you are ready to enter The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.

Important information for teachers:

During the registration process, the person registering the students will need to enter as ‘A teacher, on behalf of pupils’. That individual will then have the option to add additional pupils (as many as necessary). Please be sure to enter all the mandatory information for each student. The individual will be given an individual reference number for each student which is needed to download the student’s certificate. Please be sure to keep these reference numbers safe so you can download the certificates for your students, or you can pass on appropriate reference numbers to each individual so they can download their own certificates when the results are announced in August 2018.

Submit your entry by post/mail

Offline submissions are very difficult to process and can mean that entries may arrive after the Competition closing date. The RCS will only accept an offline entry where the person submitting has no access to internet and is unable to submit online.

If you are submitting your entry by post, please complete an entry form in block capitals and attach it to the front of your essay. Entries should be sent to your nearest postal hub, details of which are listed below.

Please note that for postal entries, essays must be received by 1 May 2018 in order to be eligible. SLUDTERA therefore suggests that teachers send the essays with plenty of time for delivery, as essays received by a postal hub after 1 May will not be considered in the competition.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
The Royal Commonwealth Society
Commonwealth House
55-58 Pall Mall

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
British High Commission
Julius Nyerere Links
PO Box 296

Americas and the Caribbean
The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
The Royal Commonwealth Society
P.O. Box 878

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
Education Department
British Council
30 Napier Road
Singapore 258509

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
PO Box 10-741
Wellington 6143
New Zealand

Please ensure the envelope is clearly labelled with The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition in bold.

All individuals and schools are encouraged to enter online if possible.

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