Schools to remain closed on Monday due to inclement weather

Schools to remain closed on Monday due to inclement weather

schools-closedPRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Education, via Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcus Edward, wishes to inform that in view of the weather all schools will remain closed today November 9, 2015.




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  1. Hey
    There will be no rain today, the Met persons in St Lucia knowing the weather after it passed. This met office is useless, we paying salaries to them uselessly. Common


    • What pure ignorance. It is almost impossible to accurately predict the weather. Your Geography teacher should have taught you so. Even in the most developed countries, with more sophisticated technologies, prediction of precipitation is most time inaccurate. I am no weather person but at least I am thankful that I know that.

      If no statement was issued, people would complain that they were not warned. Please guys, the world is reading those hilarious comments.


      • Bullshit. Persons from other countries were calling st. Lucians letting them know to look out for the rain on Friday. If they knew that how come our Met Office didn't. In other parts when they tell you hold your umbrella you better hold it. Met Office is useless. Always after the damn fact! !


      • if they can predict the weather then what the sense of having them there.

        they can put any vagrant there to talk nonsense.


      • Weather prediction is a mathematical calculation. First off the location of the incoming clouds must be accurately determined. Secondly, it's characteristics, such as size, wind velocity, and it's general forward frost , among other factors must also be accurately determined. Knowing it's location, speed and direction of movement should enable a fairly reliable prediction of the time the weather formation will affect the island, taking into consideration other conditions which may alter the speed and direction. This is just my guess and I am just a layman, so don't fry me for it. As a matter of fact, I would appreciate any corrections.


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