Schools receive donation

Schools receive donation

(GIS) – Representatives from the Ministry of Education have met with secondary and primary school principals to discuss instructional plans for teaching and learning in a classroom.

Fiona Mayer, Chief Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, noted that instructions have a direct impact on assessment.

“We’re looking at the various exams like CCSLC, CSEC, and CVQ, the practical implementation of those programs, and how best can we support education for every child to ensure that every child in our system succeeds in the manner that he or she can actively contribute to the nation building.”

During the meeting, the National Lottery Authority presented a monetary contribution to the various District Education Officers on behalf of principals toward the annual school sporting events.

Caron Serieux is the Chairman of the National Lotteries Authority, said: “In building healthy kids we have to appreciate the need for exercise and the need for participation in sport.”

Chief Medical Officer, Fiona Mayer, expressed gratitude for the donation.

“The Authority continues to be generous in terms of providing financial support to our schools, so we’re very pleased that they were able to come here today.”

The meeting was held on Feb. 14.


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