No school today

No school today

The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations has granted permission to members of the St. Lucia Teachers’ Union to attend a General Meeting Friday, June 14.

As a result, there will be no school.


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  1. I suppose the teachers they are they ones shaping the minds of our future society. Yet we do not appreciate them.


  2. Mr Monrose we want 8 % for that 3 years, governor general got increase, speaker of the house and president of the Senate. It's our turn now. Government gave Sandals 24 million , there should be no backing down. 8% or strike.


    • yeh.they too dirty.after the g.g getting how much incentives they still double his salary and a little more on that.sometimes these people dont even torch their normal salary cause they getting so much other incentives with it and you want to come and give people 1% increase after six years of getting nothing and $1500.00 and then next year you will want to come and remove 2.5% for national insurance which will be mandatory as they is it fair you give 1% increase to say you easing off things on people pockets and then come back and take 2.5% later on.smh.always doing things for the little man to never benefit and one set of people getting it good all the time.smh.these people dont realize prizes going up all the time and people working for the same salary and have to squeeze more.smh.they always saying country eh have money when they just throwing money all around to their family,friends and foreigners.strike if you all ahve to and shut down the country to send out a message to the chastnet and his goons and stand firm and not to be bought like tyrone and chicot.


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