School counselors urged to make a difference

School counselors urged to make a difference

(GIS) – The Ministry of Education hosted the third annual opening ceremony for the National School Counsellors’ Week.

The week of activities places attention on the contribution of professional school counsellors within schools on the island, and the difference counsellors make in the lives of students.

Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert, recognized counsellors for the active role they play in the development of students.

“ Thanks to your dedication and perseverance, you are able to offer much needed support and requisite interventions as you respond to the many and varied needs of our students,” Dr. Rigobert said. “Therefore it is apt that a cadre of professionals like the Saint Lucia Counselling Team be best placed to aid in building better humans who will reflect the model citizens of our future Saint Lucia.”

Coordinator of Guidance Counselling in the Department of Education, Joycelyn Eugene, noted the theme for national counsellors week: School Counsellors Building Better Humans.

“In an effort to contribute toward building better humans, school counsellors show themselves to be persons of high integrity and morals,” Ms. Eugene said. “They are persons with a strong mandate to influence and advocate on behhalf of the nation’s children and the education system. School cousellors must hone their skills and therefore must have access to opportunities for personal growth and development. Educators must embrace this important system within our schools, to give students the best chance of having a positive, enjoyable, and safe school environment. School counsellors, we must challenge the status quo if we intend to meet the sustainable development goals by 2030.”

Chief Education Officer, Fiona Phillip-Mayer, said: “Let us give children a voice. Counselors, you have a special role. They will come to you, and your actions will uplift them.” Mrs. Mayer also reaffirmed her commitment to solving issues faced by school counsellors.

The third annual opening ceremony for National School Counsellors’ Week was held Feb. 4, at the Vladimir Lucien Theatre in Gros Islet.


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