“Scaremongering” – Hillaire says of claims that economic citizenship programme will attract terrorists

“Scaremongering” – Hillaire says of claims that economic citizenship programme will attract terrorists

ISISManWithCheckeredMaskChairman of the Citizenship by Investment Unit Dr. Ernest Hilaire has described as “scaremongering” claims that the economic citizenship programme will attract terrorists.

Hilaire made the comments on Tuesday as he delivered the feature address at the 131st Annual General Meeting of The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, held at Bay Gardens Hotel.

“To know that the claim that we will attract terrorists to our program is a bit of scaremongering,” he said.

Hilaire. * Photo credit: Jamaica-gleaner.com
Hilaire. * Photo credit: Jamaica-gleaner.com

“A simple observation from available evidence of the most recent case of terrorism shows that the leader was carrying a European passport. Should we therefore ban all persons carrying a European passport from coming to St. Lucia? Most European countries including UK, France, Spain, Germany, have reported that hundreds of their citizens carrying their passports are in Syria and Iraq supporting ISIS. Should we ban all persons from Europe and the UK from coming to St. Lucia?”

Dr. Hilaire, the former high commissioner to the United Kingdom, said there is “no doubt that there are significant benefits from having such a programme”.

.”You can easily identify the increasing government revenue, allowing for funding for central government expenditure especially for capital projects. The creation of jobs, especially in the construction and hospitality sectors. Earnings for professionals who offer advice and process applications.

“Increased tourism arrivals, stronger brand identity and destination profiling, and in some cases, greater support for local charities. St. Lucia’s programme will be no different, it offers citizenship once an individual satisfies a due diligence review and met a qualified investment threshold. In understanding the programme there are two aspects to be considered: the philosophical guiding principles and the operations,” he explained.

Saint Lucia’s first Citizenship by Investment Programme was announced in October at Arton Capital’s 3rd Annual Global Citizenship Forum by Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning & Social Security, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony.

The announcement will see foreigners for the first time gain citizenship and a Saint Lucian national passport through investment in the country’s economy. The legislation was supported by all elected members of parliament, and the country will commence accepting applications for citizenship by investment on January 1, 2016.

Applicants will require a net worth of US$ 3,000,000 to qualify and St. Lucia has set an initial limit of 500 applications per annum. A citizen of Saint Lucia will hold a passport that allows visa-free travel to 105 countries and has a Passport Power Rank of 45, according to Arton Capital’s Passport Power Index.



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  1. This man claims to have attended several well renowned universities and he lacks the ability to speak well!!! His grammar and pronunciation is awful! He CANNOT speak!


  2. wow wow listen to this indentured servant sell our country !!! that is a stupid example hilaire is using because the whole idea is OBTAINING A PASSPORT .. the terrorist have a fake passport means they have a gateway already but now you are creating the gateway to legal possession of passports ..3 million dollars and fake documents is nothing for isis to spend (any fool watching cnn can tell you this ) ..what will stop an isis member from getting a passport , taking a boat to Martinique , then a flight to europe ????? tell me is your so call security better than america , france and england ?? the times are changing and the world is changing security measures all over .. while you all red flag our country and have diplomatic status the average lucian will be rejected on a daily for visa ..but what the hell does hilaire care !! he is doing his job i guess for his boss (modernize slavery )


  3. The people of Slu are raising some genuine concerns about this issue and you call it "scaremongering?" This guy should never be earning a salary from the poor people of Slu.


  4. Five years down the line when our passport gets downgraded and we are no longer able to enjoy visa-free travel to a number of countries, we will blame this inept administration. Instead of resorting to prostituting our citizenship, why not seek creative ways to decrease expenditure and increase efficiency. In one office there's a Press Secretary, A communications attache, administrative attache, "technician/ videographer". All except one (Press Secretary) were specifically created positions under this administration which did not exist previously.


  5. Just wonder what sense it makes for a terrorist to invest 3, 000 000 US to get a St Lucia passport if he has a european one already. Besides, you can buy passports in Turkey for 5000 euro.


  6. I can see the big ass tail of country bookie ostrich way up in our faces, whilst its stupid neck is buried deep down in the sands. This is just nothing more than SLP shoot-shate from the buffoonery that has come to characteristic of SLP political circus. .

    People all around the world are on high alert. So this is just one other Saint Lucian opportunistic jackass is trying to convince the rest of us that we should tolerate social misfits like themselves, just because there is money in it for them. Boy I can't wait to see the back of all this reprobate SLP jackass government. SLP your days are numbered. Corruption is now an integral part of your SLP better days.


  7. This dude is ridiculous! How can u use the analogy "European countries including UK, France, Spain, Germany, have reported that hundreds of their citizens carrying their passports are in Syria and Iraq supporting ISIS. Should we ban all persons from Europe and the UK from coming to St. Lucia?”

    THIS is not the point!

    First off given the current climate this is not the time for this BS initiative. Those countries with greater defense systems and monitoring capabilities what to put a halt ....and yall blatantly want to open a can of worms that could potentially allow other creepy crawlies to leverage our good name to do their crap.

    WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT DOLLAR SIGNS...????? Why not fix all the mess we are in ..open the hospital that's just sitting there...invest in our youth and sports...it's not always tourism this and tourism that. Invest in your human capital...Granted investors can provide great options...however the issues that may come with this ....yall are not ready!!!!

    In my opinion SLU is not ready for such an initiative...I don't have the confidence that there will be proper management of such a program given what I see in terms of mismanagement of things all over the place.



    • No. It is not readiness. It is lack of ability and lack of intellectual capacity. In three short years or less, you can get a graduate student in almost any discipline, whose currency of related knowledge makes him or her know much more than the so many quacks we have in government today.

      Our country, brimful of country bookies as government MPs and with their political yard fowls, without the necessary and appropriate educational foundations, know sweet (you know what) all about any of the operations of the ministries or the jobs given.

      Therefore, obviously they are just in it only for the money.

      Now, an increasingly complex world that is this 21st century, why are people in this county expecting that they can safely rely on a virtual LEGAL CYCLOPS, or a fallen marketing CYCLOPS to lead them into the new age of sustainable economic and social development? Can't we see that it is not working? Why God, why? Why is this country so cursed with such abysmal ignorance?


    Every institution at home and abroad is in crisis. Our stars are no longer reliable and dependable. Everything is falling apart in earnest. Not only are our top positions traded but so too are our values being traded in earnest. With our penny already traded for a Kenny we run the risk of being largely devoid of ethical standards as a people thanks to the Labour syndicate. We don't feel strong by standing on their shoulders,scandal in earnest scandal!


  9. this is nonsense. i do not support this. we not tired of standing on our heads watching nonsense happen. these people always sugar coating things. we should demand a referendum on this matter.


  10. yes i do believe this program will attract isis members becuz we are close to the usa they will use this country as a training camp we dont have the resources to screen those people not even France had look what happen there our police force is ready explode becuz of impacts the usa is not helping the force also the police force is under man the program is eorst than step the people of st.lucia will not benefit only the slp satens slp must go foreva free st.lucia


  11. When those citizens by investment are done with us there will be nothing left for our kids. Soon the pitons will private property. Then you will have to pay a toll to use the streets. Why do investors get that opportunity? The poor man will remain poorer while the rich steals our assets. That's a disaster waiting to happen.


  12. who is the targeted audience... that is just making no sense and who wants to come to st lucia to invest what are they investing in... like really give us some more details here I think this is just some type of way for some of these officials to make some money ... i smell a rat


    • Trust me it will bring in money.

      Whoever wants to invest will get:
      - a passport
      - their choice of real estate for vacation home etc etc
      - VISA free travel to some countries.

      This was imposed on us already so what can we do? I just hope that there is proper due diligence especially when conducting background checks.


  13. We st lucians need to ask ourselves some hard and serious questions when it comes to this programme:
    1. Who is really benefiting from it?
    2. When funds go to the so-called St Lucia National Trust who will have access to those funds? It is certainly not ordinary St. Lucians. Is it likely to be the same government officials associated with selling diplomatic status and those who also sold St. Lucia to the Tom Choos?
    3. What checks and balances does St. Lucia have to make the government officials accountable? Are the so-called lawyers not their drinking buddies and so forth?
    4. How many St. Lucian politicians have gone to jail for stealing and corruption when guilty? None?
    5. Should we need to make government officials accountable, how can justice be truly served when those in power are bent on getting rid of the Privy Council for personal interests and instead give us a Caribbean Court of Justice, when the Caribbean have no justice in their own courts?
    6. Is my country's interest truly being served? Or is the pockets of politicians red or yellow being served?


  14. Sale! Sale! Come on down St.Lucia passports for sale.....starting at $300,000. Don't wait inline, with an extra $100,000 you can qualify within 5 working days........

    What a drama, these crooks are going to sell us out only for them to live a lavish lifestyle.


  15. Ernest needs to realise that when he sold his soul and position to the Saudis that that was the beginning. If you are willing to sell yourself all well and good but when you decide to sell my country and make some thing off it for yourself, that's where we draw the line. You have proven that you cannot make good judgment calls and that you let greed drive your decisions. Call it what you want Ernest but with you Saint will be sold to ANYONE who dangles a meaty bone in front of you and that includes terrorists!


  16. You mean to tell me that is the best way the government can generate revenue? St.Lucia citizenship and passport for sale.


  17. Sell Outs ! We managed to gain our freedom from our captives, which is now on sale to the highest bidder. Mark my words. All those involved in the formation of this program will live to regret it. The poor man is about to get poorer. He can forget about trying to obtain some of our limited space (land).


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