Sayers ninth in Paris race

Sayers ninth in Paris race

Saint Lucia’s Jason ‘Superman’ Sayers is due back home this week after contesting La Voie Royal 10-kilometre road race in Paris, France over the weekend.

Competing Sunday in the 10K as part of the French Half Marathon Championship, Sayers placed ninth in a time of 33 minutes and 16 seconds. Ethiopia’s Tura Kumbi Bechere won the race in 29:44.

Jason Sayers, OECS 5000m champion

A total of 2,135 runners faced the starter, in a race that wound through the Paris streets, passing through the Stade De France.

Sayers, a member of Roadbusters in Saint Lucia, says he credits national record holder and marathon Olympian, Zepherinus Joseph, as well as his (Jason’s) parents for their support and encouragement.

With a number of road races slated for the remainder of 2014, the former Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States 5,000m champion says he is hopeful that he can bring his 10K times down considerably.

La Voie Royal celebrates its 20th year in existence in 2014.


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  1. Well done Jayson. I am so proud of your achievement. Congratulations and keep up the hard work. One day you will reach the top. We the members of the Road Busters club are so proud of you.


  2. It's really sad that talent like Jason and others go by the wayside because there is not much support from the necessary Authorities financially. Only and I say only when a St. Lucian makes a name for him or herself do we immediately want to take credit. I see this happening a lot in the Entertainment industry also, which I am a part of, I push myself, it's the only way sometimes to get recognition. Hats off to Jason, keep pushing and soaring ... BLESS


  3. Let it be known that all this was possible due to him registering with a club in Martinique. Club Colonial. His associtation has nothing to do with this. Thasks to those clubs, guys like Jason who had given up on running because of the lack of opportunities down here are back running again. Congratulations Jason, do keep it up.


  4. Good job have always been a young man of discipline. Continue on your journey and may God bless you/


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