Sawlty launches new album

Sawlty launches new album
Sawlty in performance.

PRESS RELEASE – The hosts of Youth Corner at Lovefm say that Sawlty makes gospel music in a fresh way that can capture the youth so that they can relate to it!

“Everything around me’s different! Everything around me’s new! “Is what the hook in Sawlty’s title song “New World” says. This 13-track, debut album, scheduled to officially release April 4th 2015, focuses on the fact that a relationship with God creates a perspective that is not the norm, but sets a person free in the deepest way, from the very core of a person, and therefore all of life is affected when someone focuses on God’s will for them.

Anticipation for this album is built with Sawlty’s recently released, debut music video “Ain’t Holdin’ Back” (produced by True Vine Records and Jkube Productions).

Musically, the album has simple “hip hop style” instrumentation and has influences of rock music, pop, RnB, techno and even a hint modern soca! Our very own, gospel artiste, Schreffler Maxwell features in Sawlty’s recently, widely performed song “Need Love” as well as Drii Notes in the song “I’m gonna’ be okay”.

20 Year old Alex Klien, stage name Sawlty, is from the community of Augier, Vieux Fort. With a strong musical passion, Sawlty has been musically active from the tender age of 13.

He is known for playing drums, guitar, singing, competing in Youthfest 2012-2014, being highly involved in the Christian environment and making use of his talents to encourage and motivate others to live a life that is “blessed”, more recently from the perspective of a music artiste! In his music, he raps and sings. He claims not wanting to put his style into the limited boxes available, called genres. He believes that his music and music in general is limitless and free to be whatever it may be, when all aspects are put together. He says this as both the artiste and producer of this album.

This album will inspire positive thinking, lifestyle and motivation to be the best that one can be! Sawlty’s fans can look forward to the songs on this album being performed live at various locations across St. Lucia, in April and the coming months.

In addition, they can look forward to hearing these songs on the radio, and them being available, with varied options on both Sawlty’s Facebook and Soundcloud pages etc. Music videos to a few more songs are also anticipated.


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