Save the date: Walcott House open house!

By Saint Lucia National Trust

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Daisy St. Rose of the Museum Conservation Fraternity & Grass Street Resident Emmanuel John discuss Walcott’s work

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) is pleased to be reopening Walcott House as part of Nobel Laureate Festival observances from January 15 to February 9, 2018 at No. 17 Chaussée Road, Castries.

Walcott Place is a collaborative initiative between the Government of Saint Lucia and the Saint Lucia National Trust, designed to celebrate the lives, works and achievements of the Walcott brothers, Roderick and the Honourable Derek Walcott, and to honour their artistic, literary and intellectual contributions to Saint Lucia, the Caribbean and the World. A special feature of never before seen sketches and drawings by Sir Derek from the “Sancha Gaspard Walcott Collection” will be on display. These works have sat untouched for more than a decade and provide more insights into his dexterity in the medium of watercolor.

To add a new twist to the Walcott House exhibition new contemporary interpretations of Sir Derek by Mr. Cedric George and Mr. Niger Nestor will be on display. The exhibition will take place on week days between the hours of 10:00am to 4:00pm, and will include a tour of the Museum along with a question and answer segment for students about the life works of the Walcott brothers.

According to the Director of the SLNT, “We were saddened by the closure of Walcott House in June 2017 due to financial constraints but are pleased to reopen it albeit briefly in observance of Nobel Laureate Festival 2018. Libraries and museums make an important contribution to national pride and identity, and in this vein the Walcott House makes an important contribution to this aspect of our individual and collective development.”

We hope you too will be inspired by our two literary giants.

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  1. Turn it into a youth centre where they could come a learn somthing to the very least.So many young people in that area just have nothing to do. That should be Walcott gift.

  2. Why only three days, we need the permanent reopening of the p;ace.

  3. I hope the city police out in droves around there the furthest they patrol is up to the taxi stand. I don't like the idea of getting robbed so early in the year.

  4. Oh yeah the lines will be strech all the way down Grass Street. Plane loads of tourist will be there

    • YEAH!

    • Because it would be so much more politically correct and fiscally profitable for you if Mate had been born at Sandals Grande. Hilarious. Grow up. Stop being a self-hating Lucian.

    • Yeah the lines will be long for the Grass Street thugs to rob them like how they rob so many people who pass near that area or for shots to fling in front of the tourist faces when the grass street men or their enemies start bursting behind one another. I for one wouldn't mind this place staying closed until the stupid little boys learn how to act and respect people and the tourist dollar which the country depends on. Stop robbing the tourist, stop killing one another for shate, stop robbing locals and learn to respect all humanity.

      • Wow. You are a real humanitarian. You're very concerned about tourists. And long lines. And a dollar. If not Sandals Grande, Cap Estate? The Landings? You won't find the bad boyz out there. Well, maybe not as many. Cuz they are everywhere. The tourists will be safe and you can spew your fake concern and petit bourgeois contempt for their benefit. But isn't it just really that you're ashamed of your own country? It's you who wants it all antiseptic. I'm sure no one will miss you. Your truth is a lie. It's Grass Street. Face it.

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