Save our men too! (letter to the editor)

Save our men too! (letter to the editor)

Dear Editor: On the 13th of November, I was stupefied and stripped of the garrison that hides my emotion, as I stood immobile before the DBS news cast. A woman was once again raped and murdered in our world-renowned honeymoon destination.

Just like every law-abiding St Lucian, I begged to determine what could bring someone to conjure in their mind such a plot and hope to never face the consequences of their actions. I dub them appropriately sons of Cain, who murder yet want the protection of God almighty, the Chief Justice, as they hide in plain sight. Invisible from the impotent “billing bangs” we have for a justice league. Head and eyes always down because IMPAC has taken away their Viagra.

I am quickly morphing into recluse, for fear that justice will be a word only found in the dictionary sold off shore, or on Logos. Our society is rapidly becoming a society where individuals have little to no regard for the law.

Consequently, I was further bombarded with talk show programmes about violence against women as if our host will indelibly make their mark in our crippled justice system by speaking out and breaking the norm in our St Lucian society which is to talk only anyway. While the world and St Lucia amplify the call for a cessation of violence against women, I feel the express need to also bring to the fore another rapidly growing plague that if untreated will ensure that our society will be rid of good, hard working men.

Women who claim to be sexually assaulted but in actuality was never touched. This is an equally destructive and prevalent plague in our society. I have spoken to quite a few men, who have had their lives ruined because a woman, for whatever reason, found it necessary to attempt to destroy their lives by taking the easiest route possible: a rape allegation.

While we sing the song of violence against women which I am happy to sing to its melodious tune, let us not forget the bridge that says to teach women to be honest about their affairs. No man should be going to prison because you’re afraid to tell your violent husband you had an affair. No man should be going to prison because your father who was a pastor in a church would be disappointed to find out you’re pregnant for a gangster. No man should be going to prison because you won’t catch the person who really raped you and chose instead to lay blame on a man you don’t like.

Let’s teach our women the importance of telling the truth at all costs, at the same time we teach out men to respect our women and respect themselves. It is baffling to learn that seldom do our police force ascertain when a woman has embellished an account of an encounter with a man or her nonencounter!

Our justice system needs to make an example out of women who choose to lie under oath. Women who waste the taxpayer’s money by bringing false allegations against men. Let’s be fair and balanced in our approach.

Do not help to construct a society where women are always victims and men are always criminals. We do so with our rhetoric and we do so by letting our one eyed Jack speak instead of it’s two eyed nemesis.


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