Save in September with LIME!

Save in September with LIME!

PRESS RELEASE – LIME customers are getting more opportunities to pay less and save when they sign up for LIME’s services all throughout the month of September.

New customers signing up for landline service get 80 minutes of free calls to LIME landlines monthly, plus free installation, free call waiting and free voicemail.

Customers can enjoy added savings by signing up for CheapChat. LIME CheapChat service offers unlimited calling to local LIME numbers for just $28.75 a month (inclusive of VAT).

New customers who sign up for a 2MBps broadband Internet package get a free wireless modem valued at $199, free installation and free 24/7 Call Centre and online support.

The 2MBps package offers 2 Mbps download/512 Kbps upload speeds and includes two email addresses. It costs just $97.75 a month (inclusive of VAT).

All new customers subscribing to the LIME TV Basic Pack, as well as existing customers who switch from analog to LIME TV digital service, will pay just $79.83 (inclusive of VAT), allowing them to enjoy 118 channels of quality programming.

LIME also provides free activation and free installation and the first set top box is free. Each additional box cost $5.75 a month (inclusive of VAT), up to four boxes. The Basic Pack includes 16 local radio stations free.

To enjoy even bigger savings, customers can sign for LIME’s Double and Triple Play packages.

As Joanna Marius, LIME Saint Lucia Head of Consumer Sales & Customer Experience explains, rather than pay more customers can save hundreds of dollars by subscribing for LIME’s bundled packages.

“At LIME, when you upgrade your services, we upgrade your savings! When you sign up for our Double Play option, for example, landline and broadband services, you pay just $103.49 monthly (inclusive of VAT) for both services, and save $256.92 yearly!

Alternatively, customers can subscribe for LIME Triple Play (landline, broadband and LIME TV) and pay as low as $174.79 monthly (inclusive of VAT) resulting in annual savings of $346.92!”



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