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Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border


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File photo: A Saudi special forces helicopter flying in Riyadh, 2015. * Getty images

(BBC) – A Saudi prince has been killed when the helicopter he was travelling in crashed near the border with Yemen, state television reported.

Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, the deputy governor of Asir province, was travelling with several officials when the helicopter crashed, Al-Ikhbariya news channel said.

The cause of the crash is unknown.

Saudi Arabia said it intercepted a ballistic missile, fired from Yemen, near Riyadh airport the day before.

Also this weekend, an anti-corruption purge targeted dozens of people, including 11 princes and four ministers, in a move seen to cement the power of the heir to the throne.

The anti-corruption body is led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, who died in the crash, is the son of another former crown prince.

His father, Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz, was pushed aside by his half-brother King Salman a few months after he took the throne in 2015.

The fate of the other occupants of the helicopter remains unclear, but Saudi news outlet Okaz said that unconfirmed reports suggested there were no survivors.

The group had been carrying out an aerial inspection of the region at the time, it said.

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  1. So far, not a 'peep' from the corporate press in the Western world, or the UN, the supposed agency for humanity and democracy around the world, regarding the detention of the Prime Minister of Lebanon by Clown Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia!

  2. Politicians don’t take jail

    Maybe he wasn’t killed,all of them being arrested lately.He maybe faked his death & went into hiding.

  3. chewps who cares. just because is a prince that die! these power hungry people. lots of poor people die everyday that does not make the news. they so concerned about the prince well being that they can clarify that he is dead but they cant say nothing about the others he was traveling with in the same aircraft but unconfirmed news suggested that all died smh


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