SARCASM FAILURE: Former teacher responds to viral video

SARCASM FAILURE: Former teacher responds to viral video
A video still image of Esnard on television.
A video still image of Esnard on television.

A businessman and former teacher, who said on national television that firemen are not important and a country could run without firemen, is now eager to restore his reputation after the video went viral.

Fidel Esnard, 36, of Odsan, said his comment was a “failed attempt at sarcasm”.

On a recent episode of the popular nightly feature called Street Vibes on DBS, reporter Alex Bousquet asked “… The firemen are on strike what do you think about that?”

Esnard was one of several persons who responded. He said: “I don’t believe firemen are important. I believe a country could be run without firemen, an airport could be run without firemen, buildings could burn in St. Lucia without firemen, people could get heart attacks and nobody needs a fireman.”

The video has since gone viral with many people ridiculing Esnard. Some have questioned his mental health.

However, in an exclusive interview with St. Lucia News Online today, Sept. 4, Esnard stressed that he was being sarcastic in an effort to get his point across.

“I want the firemen to be focused on, not me. I was just a vehicle to open the discussion,” he said.

He continued: “Let me explain my failed attempt at sarcasm. My mindset was on the fact that the airports and seaports are still running, and also businesses are open. The country could be shut down because of the strike, because if God forbids something happens, who will be there to handle it? Therefore, since the country is not shut down, it would seem like firemen are not needed. That’s what I was coming around to establishing.”

Esnard said he did not have enough time to “expand”. He said his statement on DBS was only the “intro”.

Esnard said he was a teacher for 10 years. He currently owns a photography business in Castries.

A number of firemen across the island have been on strike since Monday in protest of what they describe as the authorities’ failure to address longstanding issues within the Fire Service.

Esnard said he has a brother in the Fire Service, hence his concern about the issue.

He described the situation as a “slippery slope right now”.

“It seems like it is almost impossible for the firemen to get across to the powers that be, so I am thinking the public can try to get to the authorities,” he pointed out.

He concluded by reiterating: “As for me I would like my reputation to be cleared and I understood.
I say this still with the intention not to be solely focused on me.”


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  1. Karma sure has something to prove to his or her students though. Maybe they're experiencing so much difficulty grasping irony and sarcasm because you havent understood it clearly enough to teach it effectively. Its not enough to understand it for yourself. Good teachers know how to relay knowledge. Bravo to mr esnard for admitting that it was a failed attempt


  2. @ bad I completely agree. If you had to come back to explain then you clearly failed. It didn't come across as he intended and that's a fact. If he thought that he was successful or if he was satisfied with his delivery then he wouldn't need to make an additional statement. There is so much more to sarcasm than just saying the opposite of what you mean.


  3. @helen of the east thank you!! The UK are the best when it comes to sarcasm and dry wit. He failed. Maybe if his sentences were grammatically structured but still stating the same ludicrous ideas then we would have realised it was sarcasm. I thought maybe he is being sarcastic but then I realised his english was bad.

    Lucians are intelligent people even without all the additional resources other countries get. So it wasn't the audience. He failed to convey his message properly. (Not a lucian by the way)


  4. why ridicule him ?like i clearly read in the post ..." he was among several persons who didn't believe that firemen were important.. so why target him ? anybody who was listening and had a sense of understanding and reasoning could see it was plain sarcasm


  5. after all its already been said... there is so much other important stuff to focus on right now...than the words of a man..


  6. I want the firemen to be focused on, not me. I was just a vehicle to open the discussion,” he said.

    what the hell did i just read ???!?!??!???!?!?