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Sarah Flood-Beaubrun will NOT be elected UWP leader, predicts Castries Central MP

By SNO Staff

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Former United Workers Party (UWP) Minister Richard Frederick has said while he wishes Sarah Flood-Beaubrun well at the leadership contest, he believes she will not come out victorious.

Frederick said the only reason for his prediction is because he firmly believes that the process is “infested with manipulation” and Allen Chastanet, will most likely be returned as leader of the party.

The Castries Central Member of Parliament (MP) also maintains that the party will not reap any success under Chastanet’s leadership and could be very well heading for destruction.

Frederick said that Chastanet has a history of destroying everything he touches and express confidence that this same destructive ability will spill over into the UWP.

“It is no wonder that his father has said repeatedly, that he does not want Allen Chastanet around his business,” Frederick told the local media.

Frederick also believes that Chastanet’s actions are weakening the party’s ability to prove to the electorate that they can form the new government of Saint Lucia.

He again accused Chastanet of creating divisions within the party and sidelining and getting rid of persons that oppose his ideals and strategies.

Flood-Beaubrun was nominated by the Gros Islet and Castries North constituency branches to contest the leadership position of the UWP. She has already expressed confidence in wining the leadership post.

She is a former United Nations representative under the last UWP Administration. She served previously as a Minister of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations and Minister of Home Affairs. She was also MP for Castries Central and was the first female Speaker of the House.

The last person to challenge Chastanet was well-known economist Dr. Claudius Preville. Preville lost his bid to become leader of the UWP at the party’s 38th Convention, which was held during November 2014.

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  1. Malcolm, both your first and second names suggest disaster!

  2. chastnet should not waste a minute of his time to talk to king and his crew .they have made all the statements in the media theyade them self clear those have nothing to discuss .time for discussion they did not use it they all made their disgruntled statements to the media
    Now they want to eat their shit . we can accept sarah but we do not want king and his disgruntled crew.

  3. Its so interesting that today... UWP supporters are telling Richard Frederick to shut up and they're so angry by his pronouncements. Just goes to show. Richard was once their poster boy. They once ate out of his hands. Apparently... Who God bless... UWP supporters do curse.

  4. mr.federick we are tired of hearing your disgruntled voice.. you are getting on like a spoiled kid... st.lucians yall seem to forget who this richard frederick is ? and his associations ? the great sir john didn't want you near the party , now you trying to play a patriot role ? who you trying to fool... they kicked you out stay out and look for a party you can control, big man like you dogging to come back ..... leave the people party stop dogging and take your campaign manager to, i dont know why they didn't expel her to , 2 very corrupt people smh .... yall missing the contracts .....fake ass richard the real " MR GREEDY JOE"

  5. Richard you have hatred in your heart ,and in the same breadth says"Whom God bless no man curse" your blessings are from the devil.

  6. Not a delegate, have not been bought vote is for chastnet as leader.

  7. Here is my question....what has chastnet done to the uwp? I am not a delegate but if given a chance to at the NE the convent I would vote for him. Foes this mean that he bought me? I want Frederick TOTALLY out of the party. And if king and spider cannot get this let them go too.

  8. Fredrick the clown

  9. As usual some black people see a Caucasian and they become goggle-eyed! There is nothing that can be done to change their mind. That massa attitude and mentality has returned to take hold. And the killing thing is this Caucasian has shown no love, no appreciation, no emotional attachment to the country he wants to preside over. Everything about him is that of a Messianic figure who purpose is to save St Lucia. Then you have Lucifers like Peter Josie who appears to have devoted the rest of their lives to promoting him as if even as early as now he is already a national treasure.

    The fortunate thing is that there are those with a clear minds and safe hands to thwart the immature position and desire for revenge of Peter that sore loser. There is no doubt that within the UWP there are much better suited minds than that of this bully and "tantramic" baby Chastanet.

  10. The black men not doing shit but they fighting the white man.give mr.chastanet a break ,only now you ll want to bring peace .what are you all trying king , fredrick,and the others go form you all party. labour party have the country is a mess and you all giving labour surport over UWP.---STUPID FOOLS

    • What a racist, insensitive, uneducated comment!! Who taught you to believe that everything white is good and everything black is evil. If that's your reasoning for wanting Chastnet as a leader then awa for you!!!

  11. Sometime ago I called on the supporters of the UWP to support Richard Frederick as leader. I came up with this suggestion after speaking to many St Lucians who know the gentleman. I met him once and was impressed with his burly figure and posture. His hand shake was firm and uninhibited and after exchanging a few pleasantries I went away feeling mesmerised and confident that St Lucia may have found the consumate politician.

    Richard Frederick is clever and articulate. No one that I know have had a bad word to say about him. He has that combative spirit which is one of the prerequisites for entering into politics in St Lucia. There is no pretence about him. He reminds me of the late George Odlum with his ‘never give up attitude.’

    I have been reliably informed that he goes out of his way to assist his impoverish constituents,doling out free legal advice,giving scholarships to needy students and putting projects in place to deter the youths from a life of crime. St Lucia needs someone who is tough on crime and the causes of it. Someone who will not mince his words when addressing the current situation in letting the crimelords who rule with impunity know that they will be put out of circulation. A leader who will maintain the balance and able to strike fear into the hearts of the criminals who plunder and destroy our communities. A leader who will deliver sound economic reforms. One who will fight for his people. One who will deliver them to the promise land.

    Richard is a lawyer by profession and can easily bring to the table the neccessary skills required for the job and the task ahead. He is incisive and robust and can put measures in place to quench the thirst of every thirsty St Lucian. He can help provide the food clothing and shelter that they need. He can help
    send the troublemakers causing havoc on our communities packing.Hopefully with the right people around him he can ooze fear into the pore of every scumbag who dare to hold our lovely country to ransom. Richard frederick is charismatic and charming. If the UWP would like to become a force to be reckoned with then they need a leader like Richard who can reach out to the people. Not an esurient capitalist who has never lived in the "real world" in St Lucia. As for this new woman who would like to become leader she is nothing but an opportunist. The people need to banish her to the dustbins of history.

    She has changed political parties more than she has had hot dinners. This woman is unfit for anything in this once proud coalition of men and women. She stands for nothing and as they say anyone who stands for nothing will fall for anything. St Lucia needs real politicians who can represent it's interests.
    Richard Frederick in my humble opinion is the consummate politician. He would make a good leader. He ticks all the boxes and will be willing to put his country first. Please give Richard the job. Let him become leader. Richard's your man UWP.

    Malcolm L’Overture…
    Haitian-Lucian Comrade

    • another lawyer as PM ? no thanks.

    • If Richard is all that take him to Haiti or Germany with you. We don't want him.

    • The biggest piece of shit I have read. You do not know shit.

    • As a Lucian I firmly believe that Richard Frederick should go. If you cannot accept that every party has a lease that he needs to work with them he cannot represent me.

      He was disrespectful to king the same way. He did not get his way. Today he is doing the same. Arrogance arrogance arrogance is working against him.

      I blame him and king for the party losing the last election.

    • What's your role man.... really!! I think you are a crook just like him. You full of crap... he is one of the biggest corrupted politicians in the country. You better think twice next time when you say no one has anything bad to say about him lol...... what a joker. .......

      • What a load of Codswallop and tosh! The Right Hon. Richard Frederick is the consummate politician and your characterization of the Hon. gentleman is way off the mark and malevolent.

        Richard believes in integration- We are all St Lucians and West Indians alike and I believe that we should all come together as one.There is absolutely nothing wrong with Richard, None whatsoever! At least he is a son of the soil.

        Richard is charismatic, open and friendly. He reaches out to his people. What have the other plastic leaders of the UWP done lately? The simple answer is nothing. Richard has all the qualities of a good leader. He is sharp , articulate, well rounded,admirable, affable, trustworthy. He is I repeat the consummate politician. The best the UWP has produced in a long time. He is well fit to become leader of the party.

        The United Workers Party should give him a chance at least. There is no one in the party who is better than Richard. And Yes I repeat I am yet to come across someone who has uttered a bad word about him. Everyone I talk to is full of praises for him. He is celebrated by everyone.He is a force to be reckoned with.He is a mine of richness and variety. St Lucia needs a leader like him. He is the man of the people.

        Please give The Right Hon. Richard Frederick the job. Make him leader and you will be unto a winner.

        Malcolm L'Overture
        Haitian -Lucian

  12. Every time I hear from richard I am angry he cannot has not accepted that he is out. He hates chastnet for life for getting him out because king had no balls to do it .so now he is looking for help from those four idiots to bring down chastnet .the four stugesare real fools our party are stronger without those snakes go form your own party with king spider Rufus Mary polo us and the rest

  13. It is clear that there has been massive manipulation of the process in the UWP to favour Chastanet.

    Those benefiting from the manipulation are some of the same flooding the media with their comments.

    There is a delusionment about Chastanet that does not recognize that he should be following a leader who gets things done because his history shows an ignorance about money and a strong tendancy to make expensive spur of the moment decisions.

    All the polls show him losing to Kenny and even if he were to win his incomperence would soon have Lucians turning against him in a vicious manner. They already do not like him.

    This is a train looking for an accident to happen!

  14. Frederick and his Cohoots are big time loosers, every time they try to create a problem for Chastanet and the UWP it backfires in their ugly dirty faces. Keep quite Frederick and your gang, biggest fool of a Prime Minister was King, let others fool and control him.


  15. I hope TF the joker is still wearing his "Allenmustgo" Polo shirt because after Sunday he won't have a leg to stand on. That kind of sick obsession with Allen while everyone else are finding productive things to do is a disease.

    He and his informants have been wrong on everything and will be proven wrong again this Sunday, just because you dislike a man does not give you the right to write a bunch of sick things about him. Again you are the biggest loser.

  16. ohhhh shut up!!!!

  17. Oh shut up Richard. Like that's some big revelation u making. U know damn well she wont win and it will b through no manipulation being done. Chooops . If she does win then congrats to her, if not then support whomever does and not turn it into a circus like y'all disgruntled did.

  18. I am happy that you are aware that it is not Mr. Chastanet doing the manipulating. What ever manipulating that may exist, I agree is done in his favor and in my honest opinion, in the party's favor. We the people are satisfied with where he have taken the party. Do you want us to make a decision based on what you say? You are out of your mind. Firing you was the #1 issue for the people and he got it done. Where were you when Spider and Rufus fired their delegates who would have voted Mr. Chastanet?

  19. Imagine these are the master mind behind the so called sitting with Chastanet? Chastanet would be a clown to accept to to meet. This week they are all over the news, King, Richard, Montoute, Rufus, Mary and company. Chastanet deserves a kick up the arse if after Sunday he still looking for peace with these fellas.

  20. Frederick who are you representing? I do not think the people in your Constituency have ever seen you since after you won your seat at the last Elections. We all know you are supportive of Sarah because you do not want Chastanet to win, but you know it will happen. Chastanet will emerge the winner, so now you want to come out and say that Sarah will not be elected so when it does happen, you will then say that was what you predicted..It is time to keep quiet and watch history unfold

  21. Well said.Sarah have the credential as opposed to Chastanet but the delegates have been bought so she does not stand a chance.It is an exercise in futility.If the father actually say he does not want him around his business can we trust him as prime minister? Food for thought.

  22. PLEASE! Are U not tired of spewing ur venomous lies......Give it up! WHO JAH BLESS NO MAN CURSE.....LOL

  23. No predictions are needed. Sarah was dead on politically dead on arrival not because of any cheating on the part of Chastanet but the reality is Allen Chastanet is now in complete control of the UWP. This is why King, Montoute etc had no choice but to backout because they knew they would not win. Let's not forget that when Chastanet won the first time it was under King's leadership. Should we conclude that King had no controle over the party and that's why Chastanet was able to change the rules with king as leader to allow him Chastanet to win? You all are on the losing side in this UWP war. Just admit it and make way for others.

  24. Frederick keep quiet.



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