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Flood-Beaubrun reserved for Deputy Speaker position

By SNO Staff

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Former minister and newly elected Castries Central MP, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun could take up the post of Deputy Speaker in the House of Assembly if the opposition refuses to appoint a member.

Communications Director of the United Workers Party, Nancy Charles, said the government extended an offer to the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party to select an elected member for the position of Deputy Speaker.

However, they are yet to hear from the opposition as to whether they plan to appoint someone or not.

“We are saying to them that if they wish to continue playing petty politics, its not going to take us anywhere. We think the best thing is for them to participate and elect a Deputy Speaker of the House,” Charles told HTS.

The party official said in the case where the opposition does not appoint a Deputy Speaker, the government has Flood-Beaubrun reserved for that position in the House.

“I am very proud of Sarah Flood-Beaubrun for accepting graciously that role. She had indicated that whatever role the country and her party needs her to play in the development of this country, she will.”

This publication spoke with Flood-Beaubrun on Wednesday, who said she is not clear what role she will play in the new government but is open to working with all ministers.

Flood-Beaubrun is a former United Nations representative under the last UWP Administration. She served previously as a Minister of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations and Minister of Home Affairs. She was also MP for Castries Central and was the first female Speaker of the House.

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  1. I think Sarah Flood will be Governor General. Governor may retire soon.......I have this feeling deep down.

  2. T chas apparently don't trust any in the bunch. Wonder why !

  3. HELLO EVERYONE especially SLP HACKS....election is overrrrrr. You lost it ain't yol business who the UWP makes deputy speaker cause yoll eh vote for dem and yoll eh have many guys in parliament to spare. So just shut up and wait for 15 years or so for y'all to get a next chance.

  4. The role has to be filled by an elected MP. Educate yourselves. The SLP has all their right not to appoint any of their MPs and frankly I wouldn't after those remarks by Nancy. Let's see what the UWP will do. Go against the Constitution like they have already started? I don't understand how Lucians vote them in the first place. Time will tell. Now they in a jam and want the SLP to help? You who have appointed several square pegs in round holes, created shadow ministries, all in an effort to maintain a total grip on the country's coffers? Let's wait and see.

  5. I know Sarah personally. She chose her position. She was given a choice to choose between Min of Health and Speaker of the House. She is comfortable with her position. There is no division and the women in the party still holds their strength and and their respect from the party. Allen Chastenet respects Sarah and this is why she was given a choice to CHOOSE her post. Lets move on now!!

  6. chpz tun, best yall had give Sarah prime minister

  7. St lucians every thing is a problem for you all why not get a life and move on SLP is no longer stop talking about SLP and lets pray for the new primeminister let us put him in gods hand stop fighting

  8. This is real nonsense! EDMUND ESTEPHANE should resign from the Ministry of Sport which currently has 3 Ministers and become Deputy Speaker of the House. NOT Sarah Flood.

    Este for All. So Este take one for the team. Este for Deputy Speaker.

    MONTOUTE and BELROSE can handle the Sports portfolio.

  9. Why do all elected parliamentarians think they deserve a ministry? When running for office they all sell themselves as saviours to their constituents so why can't they be satisfied with simply serving their constituencies? It seems that these people only use their constituents to win an election while they wait for the perks and spoils of being ministers. Mwen fashe

  10. She can get what laba has rejected. A position she very well deserves.

  11. She definitely has a lot of potential and needs to be better utilized by the new administration. She is a great asset to the UWP so they better treat her with utmost respect.

    you availed yourself to SERVE THE COUNTRY when you run for office.
    you were elected by the PEOPLE TO SERVE THE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE.
    now if your government (government has no party as its made up of ELECTED MEMBERS) HAS ASKED FOR YOU TO SERVE IN SUCH A CAPACITY, TO SERVE THE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE, THERE SHOULD BE NO THINKING ABOUT IT. you should accept the offer since you are a servant of the people and country.
    FURTHERMORE lets get rid of the pettiness and ego labour boys. maybe you think you have been ministers and deputy speaker isnt much for you but maybe allow the vigin MP hilair to serve in the role. it will be good experience for him since the rest of you have all served in ministries and the role isnt big enough for you. Or have shaun or musa do so.

    If you have so much EGO then dont offer yourself for service to country and when service is need you too stuck up to step up.

  13. What's the big deal if they don't want to. Just move on and appoint Sarah. No use crying over spilt milk when I'm waiting for the VAT reduction.

  14. If they have not responded, keep them out of our united workers, SLP cant accept defeat.


    • it Has to be an elected member so IF the speaker has an emergency, the deputy is already in the house to take up the role SINCE THE DEPUTY IS AN ELECTED MP
      mary isnt elected. she is a senator. its nothing poersonal cause someone has to do it. And her experience as speaker makes her more suitable to do so actually.

    • Deckdeck, learn your constitution. Only an elected member can hold the post of deputy speaker.
      Mary Isaac is NOT AN ELECTED MEMBER.

    • Mary Isaac didn't WIN her seat! Only an elected Member can be the Deputy Speaker. Estephane or Herod should have been appointed as Deputy Speaker of the House. Allowing the more experienced Sarah Flood to hold a Ministerial Portfolio. But not Este

  16. I believe that Sarah Flood has a wealth of experience and more to offer our nation then the position of Deputy Speaker of the House will afford her. I am disappointed if that should be the case.

  17. In the run up to the election UWP was portrayed as the more woman friendly party. After winning they chose to sacrifice one of the only 2 elected female. 9 men gets ministries and only one female. lets hear from our women advocates!!!

    • 3 women got ministries. miniter of health , education and sport
      belrose, gale and mary.
      two of the elected are gale and sarah. sarah said she didnt really want a ministry. she seems to want to focus more on the constituency. this is what pep couldnt do as it affords more time to see about your people. castries being central to trade as it is, it may be a great thing

  18. Since when is Nancy Charles the mouth piece for the Government? Elections is done! I would like to hear from the Prime Minister's Press Secretary when it comes to matters of the Government.

  19. Flood beaubrun as deputy speaker, am disappointed. This lady has great potential. Something is not right. (Time will tell)

  20. wow, very mature of the UWP! Slp still bitter. waste no time, appoint sarah!

  21. What a woman!

  22. The SLP knows no other way but to engage in petty politics. I personally would not have extended them such a great offer.

    • What's so great about the offer!!! it's a deputy position. Typical statement by a party loyalist... making statements that are not factual to this article. The other party to this offer has not replied.
      Not sure if we are reading the same article. Why is this petty politics? The name explains a lot "Red Rum". So you get a pass.


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