Flood-Beaubrun ready to recapture Castries Central seat

Flood-Beaubrun ready to recapture Castries Central seat
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun shaking supporters hands at a recent UWP rally.
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun shaking supporters hands at a recent UWP rally.

Former Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun said she hopes to recapture the Castries Central seat at this year’s election.

The newly endorsed candidate told a media conference on Tuesday that re-entering politics was not an easy decision for her, but she gave it deep thought before she decided to run again.

Nevertheless, Flood-Beaubrun said she is very happy to have accepted the party’s invitation to “bring the seat home, to see that the needs of the people are met.”

The former Castries Central MP said, “I’ve always had an affection for Castries Central. This is where I started my political career and the people remain very close to my heart.”

Youth unemployment is one of the main issues the former minister hopes to look into, if she is given the opportunity to represent the constituency again.

She also plans to look into issues affecting marginalized groups, the poor, elderly and needy.

Flood-Beaubrun has also expressed a commitment to ensure that Castries Central sets the stage for economic and social development in Saint Lucia.

She acknowledged the hard work put in by Peterson Francis, and said she plans to work with him very closely to outline the party’s vision to the people and secure a win at the next polls.

Following her defeat for the leadership position of the UWP, Flood-Beaubrun pledged to continue working with the party, particularly its leader Allen Chastanet, to lead the UWP to an election victory.

Flood-Beaubrun is a former United Nations (UN) representative under the last UWP administration. She served previously as a Minister of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations and Minister of Home Affairs. She was also MP for Castries Central and was the first female Speaker of the House.

Flood-Beaubrun is an attorney by profession and has been a member of the UWP since 2006.


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  1. this lady said UWP will neva win under allan and today she singing a a new tune smh ppl just doh vote to much papyshow


  2. I count Sarah in the win column. That for sure places UWP mathematically
    above SLP to form the next majority Government. You can take that to the Bank.


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