Sandals hosts successful Handmade Saint Lucia pre-Christmas event (+video)

Sandals hosts successful Handmade Saint Lucia pre-Christmas event (+video)
Grow Well Inc Business People Selling their Handmade Christmas Tree to a willing buyer
Grow Well Inc business people selling their handmade Christmas yree to a willing buyer

(PRESS RELEASE) — There was a tremendous response this weekend to Handmade Saint Lucia, an event put on by the Sandals Golf and Country Club to allow local artisans to display and sell their goods.

In only its second year, the event was hailed as a great success by the forty-three local artisans who took part.

Although relatively new to Saint Lucia, Handmade Saint Lucia and is already beginning to hold its own as a vibrant popular Christmas hangout spot and a one stop shop for original Christmas gift items in Saint Lucia. This event is designed specifically to provide a forum where shoppers can meet local artisans to mingle and exchange ideas.

Guests were among the happy shoppers purchasing handmade gift items

It was an explosion of creativity, to the delight of all the shoppers who turned out, as a variety of hand made goods were on display; from sandals to elegant casual wear, to craft items, body massage treatments and other unique gift items. The Sandals Saint Lucia Golf & Country Club was transformed into a veritable marketplace once the booths were fully decorated.

As the evening drew to a close, the Artisans were of one voice, each echoing the sentiment that the activity must be included on the calendar for Christmas 2019. Well known designer Lyn Bristol said “same time next year… better than this time around,’ all anticipating a great show next year.

For patrons who came out just for a lime or to support family and friends, many described the mood as exciting and vibrant.

Simone Skinner, General Manager of the Sandals Saint Lucia Golf & Country Club sees this as the catalyst for small entrepreneurs. She had this to say – “This is the contribution that Sandals can make to building the economy, one Artisan at a time. If we can provide an avenue for them to showcase their work and build an audience, then we would have helped to grow the sector. Just as the Artisans, we look forward to putting on an even more impactful show come December 2019.”


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