Sandals Foundation invests almost EC$7,000 in Laborie Pan Project

Sandals Foundation invests almost EC$7,000 in Laborie Pan Project


PRESS RELEASE – The Sandals Foundation in Saint Lucia continues in its bid to support worthwhile community initiatives in partnership with civic-minded team members who live within these communities.

Among the most recent of these was an almost EC$7,000 injection into the Laborie community.

Sandals Grande’s Lenelle Jn Panel, who also lives in the community, brought the program to the Sandals Foundation.

It includes repairs and improvement to the Laborie pan shed with particular focus on the rehearsal area and storage space.

It also includes the purchase of new tenor steel pans from Trinidad and Tobago for the entire band.

This all forms continued efforts to provide meaningful assistance in communities across the island.

Director of Programs for the Sandals Foundation Heidi Clarke said the foundation was indeed pleased to support this cause, considering the circumstances under which the presentation was made on the group’s behalf.

She said, “It is always pleasing when unsung heroes like Lenelle are able to identify such projects and bring it to our attention. We trust that the group would be able to take advantage of this investment at the soonest possible time and get back to their practicing their love for true Caribbean music.”

Some time in 2015, the group suffered at the hands of vandals who destroyed their practice area and made off with equipment.

According to Lenelle Jn Panel, the joy and love for music still remains strong among the youth in his community.

“I have to thank the Sandals Foundation for accepting my project proposal. We are all excited to get back behind the pans and surpass the level and quality of music our community and the Caribbean has come to expect from us.

The Laborie Steel Pan group placed fourth in the recent Panaroma Competition.


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  1. This is what is needed in communities.....Laborie is a leading example of what needs to be done with the youngsters. Thanks Sandals - Lennelle and to the band leader - Aunty Quill for doing a great job.


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