Sandals Foundation fulfills promise to Faces of Cancer

Sandals Foundation fulfills promise to Faces of Cancer
Representative from Faces of Cancer; The Hon. Ernest Hilaire, Parliamentry Rep for Castries South and Winston Anderson, Managing Director for Sandals Resorts in Saint Lucia.
Representative from Faces of Cancer; The Hon. Ernest Hilaire, Parliamentry Rep for Castries South and Winston Anderson, Managing Director for Sandals Resorts in Saint Lucia.

(PRESS RELEASE) — When the Sandals Foundation brought their highly successful benefit concert, Vibes on the Island, to St. Lucia in June last year, the goal was to raise enough funds to undertake major upgrading work at two St. Lucian not-for-profit organizations – Faces of Cancer and the Salvation Army Child Care Centre. Now, a year later, both goals have been met.

The Faces of Cancer Centre, located in Castries, has undergone major upgrading including the construction of an additional meeting room, inclusive of installation of new windows, doors and cupboards, roofing, plumbing and electrical work. Last October, the Foundation also completed work at the Salvation Army Childcare Centre, renovating the day care area, kitchenette, computer room and sick bay.

Many supporters gathered at the ribbon cutting of the new Faces of Cancer Facility, opening the ceremony in prayer.

Executive Director of the Sandals Foundation Heidi Clarke said the Foundation is very pleased to have been able to fulfil its promise to both institutions.

“We are always proud when we are able to support the institutions here in the region that are working so tirelessly to serve their communities. The Faces of Cancer Centre serves a very critical role in the community, supporting people when they are at their most vulnerable. Our ability to partner with them to enhance their services ensures that we are playing our part toward the well-being and health of St. Lucians, and for that we are very proud,” Clarke said.

She continues, “This renovation and expansion would not have been possible without the support of the sponsors and patrons who supported our Vibes on Island concert. Title sponsors, Coca Cola, and all the other sponsors believed in the vison for the event and the important work that we were looking to do and did not hesitate to lend their support and for that we are grateful.”

Faces of Cancer was started by breast cancer survivor Dorothy Phillip in 2009. She had seen the need for a cancer support group to assist patients and their families going through the difficult journey. The institution caters to all types of cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers, providing emotional support for patients going through cancer treatments, counselling, free mammograms, helping patients to access treatment and more.

Dorothy Phillip, President Faces of Cancer Saint Lucia sharing the vision for this new space.

“We are extremely grateful and proud to be the recipients of the much-needed assistance which we got from the Sandals Foundation, Sandals has taken the lead in assisting us as we continue to assists cancer patients. We are hoping that other commercial houses will jump in and assist as cancer is an extremely expensive disease and the needs of cancer patients are many as we strive to remain in remission and live whole and productive lives. With our new premises, Faces of Cancer will be able to better serve St. Lucia and our cancer community.”

Vibes on the Island benefit concert was held at Pigeon Island, featuring dancehall greats Spice and Barrington Levy, St. Lucia’s Sir King Arthur, Ezra de Fun Machine, Sedale Semi and Superman HD. The event was sponsored in part by Delta, Trip Mate, Sanitas, JetBlue, Rainforest Seafoods, CPJ, Digicel and First Caribbean International Bank.


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  2. Great!, Now pay your taxes in full please. If Sanadals paid their taxes then our country would be in a better position financially. stop giving out trickles of aid and do the right thing, you are not fooling anyone. These small amounts donated are a drop in the bucket compared to the tens of millions avoided in taxes every year.


  3. Good Job D continue to fight the good fight of faith, your well deserved efforts are paying off


  4. But some Cancer patients whom were directly employed with them for six plus years 5hey just tossed them out like a rotten tomatoe?!*"¥°` .


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