Sandals award scholarships to 17 students

Sandals award scholarships to 17 students

The Sandals Foundation yesterday presented 17 students with scholarships, each totaling US$400, through the Sandals “Care for kids” Scholarship programme.

Public Relations Officer of Sandals Resorts International, Rhonda Giraudy, said that the grant is for the purchasing of books, uniforms, facility fees and what else is needed during that school year.

Giraudy explained that the scholarship is granted to students based on recommendations from the schools.

“It is a five-year programme for the entire secondary school. But if students perform well and would like to continue onto community college we would also look in to funding the additional two year,” she added.

General Manager of Sandals Halcyon, Lennox Dupal, said in his remarks that Sandals is happy to provide scholarships to children in efforts of keeping them in school.

“In this economic times where money is hard to come by, I think I urge everyone of you to understand the value of what we are doing and make sure you put your best foot forward” Dupal advised.

Dominic Fedee, regional public relations officer of the Sandals Foundation, told the gathering that the foundation has been built on the importance of education and is a mere representation of Sandals commitment to embracing other stakeholders like the community, whether through education, sport or contributing to health care.

Minister of Education Robert Lewis lauded the initiative, stating that Sandals has been providing funding to students for quite a number of years.

“The Sandal Foundation is making resources available to you to further your education”.

He urged the awardees to continue to do well and use the opportunity to excel and to serve their country.

The education minister told representatives of Sandals that “anybody who thinks about developing that human resource, you are thinking about the sustainability of life, because in these small island, the biggest resource that we have is our people”.

He thanked Sandals for all the work they are doing here in St Lucia.

Beneficiaries of this year’s scholarship programme includes: Katelyn Isidore, Ange Fontenelle, Shekeena Dantzie, Phillipa James, Daralee Fontanelle, Ashley Phillips, Phoebe Hippolyte and Liam John, among others.

The Sandals Foundation- the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International – has been providing scholarships under the “Care for Kids” programme to high school student in St. Lucia since 2009.


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  1. In terms of getting his pal, His Holiness Blessed Saint John Compton to sell him the CauseWay for a song, after Saint Lucians got into national debt to create it? Small potatoes!


  2. Amateur for true, I am tired of seeing this guy on my TV. Is he the only one working at the SLHTA? Give another St.Lucian a chance. I went to SMC with this guy and he was the most snobbish person one could come across.


    • "Junior" You are foolish for making that comment. The media houses are the ones always looking for him.

      Why don't you apply for the Executive Vice President position and come and show your face on TV too.

      Don't let his success aggravate you...


  3. While Rhonda Giraudy is reported to be the PRO, it appears that Aziz also doubles up in that PRO role for Sandals in addition to his supposedly full time job at the Hotel and Tourism Association. Just goes to show that things are bad all over. Eh Ben!


  4. Why is this guy Aziz always hugging the cameras? Does he work for Sandals? And is not even from here....CRAP THAT


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