Sammy predicts Zouks turn-around in St.Lucia

Sammy predicts Zouks turn-around in St.Lucia
Darren Sammy * File photo
St. Lucia Zouks captain Darren Sammy * File photo

Captain Darren Sammy is predicting a reversal of fortunes for the St.Lucia Zouks when they resume their campaign in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) in St.Lucia on Saturday.

Zouks are currently winless after suffering a crushing defeat against Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday, their fourth successive loss in as many matches.

Sammy says Brad Hodge’s withdrawal due to injury and Kevin Pietersen’s delayed arrival have been a major setback for the team.

“Brad was integral to our plans and it was a blow when he went down. With the team remaining, I don’t think it’s a matter of talent but it’s just getting it to click on the field,” Sammy said.

“We need to get a win and I think St. Lucia is where we’ll turn it around. KP should be in by then so I think we’ll be stronger and we’ll give the crowd what they want.”

Zouks are currently rooted to the bottom of the table without a point from their four outings.

Antigua Hawksbills, also winless, are above them only on net run rate.

Sammy has lamented his team’s lack of consistency after their loss to Red Steel, the tournament leaders.

“I think the other teams’ advantage is that they have several players stepping up. With us, it’s just Sohail Tanvir, who’s performing well with the bat and the ball,” Sammy said.

“We’re too inconsistent. Hopefully, when we take the field in the next few games at home, we can turn things around.”

Red Steel top the standings on ten points, two clear of Guyana Amazon Warriors on eight points, and Tallawahs and Barbados Tridents on six.


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  1. Sammy, as one of your supporters, stop predicting and start performing!Get the boys and yourself to deliver! 4 losses in a row is too much to take!


  2. "Captain Darren Sammy is predicting...."
    Sammy should get out of the fortune telling business and concentrate a little harder on cricket.


  3. Enough of the chit chat and show us what you can do. Our high jumpers are showing us as they both have qualified for the finals of the Commonwealth games. Only Caribbean team where both competitors qualified for finals.#proud of them!


  4. This Sammy guy is one lucky perp he was in the right place at the right time. Now he is shooting his mouth off as though he is a Gary Sobers or Malcolm Marshall. He is tres ordinary it will be interesting to see if he improves on the big fat duck he made last time against the Tridents.


    • Oh be quiet you hater. Why is it so difficult for us to be happy for others success? He might not be Gary Sobers but he certainly has made some contribution to the development to the game; more than you will every make sitting at your keyboard bad mouthing him.


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