Saltibus personalities memorialized in mural

Saltibus personalities memorialized in mural

(SNO) — A mural is being created in Saltibus to honour the memories of residents who have contributed to the community.

This was revealed by Bradley Felix, parliamentary representative for Choiseul/Saltibus, in a recent social media post.

Felix wrote: “By remembering the people who have contributed to the community of Saltibus. Those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and forever dear.”

He congratulated “Shala and Marsha” for “this initiative to remember some of Saltibus personalities”.

Persons who responded to the post have congratulated Shala and Marsha, as well as Felix, who is also the minister for commerce, industry, investment, enterprise development and consumer affairs.

Paula Marquis said: “I Love it. It’s beautiful. Only yesterday I was thinking if this wall wasn’t gonna be painted for independence. Thanks Marsha and Miss monroque.”

Shermz Hippolyte also said: “Wow lovely marsha great gesture hope someone else can think another do somewhere.but whose this lady.”

Some persons have suggested replicating the idea in other communities across Saint Lucia.

“All communities in Saint Lucia should have one of those,” wrote Magdelene Daniel .

Sharon Terrell wrote: “I love that,we need more of these Murals across the island….MARCHAND fellas you’ll see this,thats what you”ll should be doing in you’ll community a lot of things can be done at MARCHAND to beautify Marchard,and change the perception about MARCHAND” you’ll can even plant flowers,…Minister Bradley Felix and the wonderful volunteers of Saltibus…Bravo” very Sweet.”

Paula Marquis wants the murals to remain graffiti-free.

“I’m making a special appeal to all residents to please keep it clean. Parent caution your children to love, respect and appreciate yours,” Marquis wrote.


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