Sale of Hess Terminal confirmed

Sale of Hess Terminal confirmed

The Government has received confirmation that the Hess Terminal at Cul de Sac has been sold.

The confirmation came in a telephone conversation from John Hess, president of the Hess Corporation, to Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony, the OPM said in a statement today.

Hess advised the prime minister that the terminal at Cul de Sac, along with terminals on the U.S. East coast, were sold to Buckeye Partners L.P.

Hess explained that Hess Oil has decided to concentrate on exploration and move away from the terminal business.

Dr Anthony thanked the Hess Corporation for its contribution to the development of Saint Lucia. He told Hess that the people of Saint Lucia will never forget the kindness of his father, Leon Hess, and his enormous contribution to education in Saint Lucia.

“Mr. Leon Hess was not just an investor, he was a friend of the people of Saint Lucia, an extraordinary and rare humanitarian. He will live in the hearts and minds of the people of Saint Lucia for a long time to come,” Dr Anthony said.

In turn, Hess thanked the Government and people for their friendship and support over the years. He said that the Hess Corporation will always remain a friend of the people of Saint Lucia and stands ready to assist the island in whatever way it can.

Meanwhile, the representatives of the new owners, Buckeye Partners L.P., are expected to pay a courtesy call on the prime minister within the next few weeks.

The East Coast and Saint Lucia Terminals are reported to have been sold for U.S. $850 million.


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  1. I can remember clearly the UWP administration saying some time ago that Hess had decided to turn this terminal into an Oil Refinery, YES I SAW KING, on TV


  2. I am not interested in whether it was Allen or Kenny who was correct. All i want to know is how is St. Lucia going to benefit from this deal? Probably we would have never heard about that sale if UWP did not mention the issue. The question now is for these 3 inform Labor supporters: How is this deal going to benefit St. Lucians? We are taking about OIL here, whats the deal? I dont think we have to employ a resisdent ambassador here for this deal. Stop playing politics with the people because they will be witnesses to your downfall. Ye fools.


  3. What was he Allan saying?? Confirmation was only received on 22nd Oct. 2013 by the Government but the UWP was playing politics by the 18th of Oct.2013!!! who looks like the fool now??? These press releases are all jokes…


    • It's a pity so few of our people enjoy reading!
      This could have spelled the end of the myth of a UWP! (a too-long-sustained virtual illusion!)


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