SALCC starts a dialogue on digital education in a post-COVID era

SALCC starts a dialogue on digital education in a post-COVID era

(PRESS RELEASE) – St. Lucia has successfully hosted its first-ever e-Symposium on Digital Education. It was organised by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and the Ministry of Education, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The e-Symposium which took place on Wednesday May 6th 2020 featured presentations by practitioners and experts from around the globe on the topic: “Digital Education: The Art of the Possible, NOW”. Presentation themes ranged from “Learning in a Digital Context” to “Parents as Teachers” to “The Role of Telecommunications Authorities”.

The e-Symposium with support from Digicel was conducted via the Zoom platform with participation from Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. It was also broadcast live on NTN, its Facebook and YouTube platforms; WVent radio and the SALCC Facebook page.

Google analytics indicated that well over 10,000 persons were engaged during the three hour event.

Presenters included Director General of the OECS Dr. Didicus Jules as well as President of the Commonwealth of Learning, Professor Asha Singh Anwar. The Minister of Education offered the opening remarks that spoke to Government’s strides in Digital Education and its commitment to bridging the digital divide. Other topics covered included “Generating and Distributing Creative Content for e-Learning Platforms and Transforming Systems in the Digital Education Paradigm”.

The symposium remains available on the website of the College


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