SALCC to offer early childhood education programme starting September

SALCC to offer early childhood education programme starting September

P1040525_webvs_04PRESS RELEASE – The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College has partnered with the Seneca College in Canada to develop a programme in early childhood education.

The partnership of the two colleges focuses on creating an Early Childhood Development programme (ECD).

The programme is geared towards providing training for persons who are currently in the early childhood development sector, persons who are unemployed and persons who wish to become entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship, gender mainstreaming and environmental sustainability are key features of this programme.

The emphasis on gender mainstreaming is a recognition of the importance that males and females play in early childhood development.

Practitioners in the early childhood sector are predominantly female; thus the programme development activities have been designed to encourage males to become involved in the early childhood development sector.

For more than forty five years, Seneca has been a leader in early childhood education. This new partnership will allow Seneca to share long-standing expertise in child development with existing and aspiring professionals in the early childhood development sector in St. Lucia.

Students will learn about the physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of children and how to build play-based programming that improves individual development of young children.

The programme will enable learners to attain Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) certification at levels one and two, which is recognized regionally.

The programme forms part of the offerings of the Division of Teacher Education and Educational Administration.

It will be delivered on a part-time basis to allow persons who are employed to get trained while maintaining their current jobs.

Level one of the programme is of a two year duration and is scheduled to begin in September 2015.


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  1. Well done SALCC its about time and I do hope at some time in the future all preschool teachers will have this certificate.


  2. This is a very good initiative. I am encouraging many people to take advantage of this programme.


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