SALCC to focus on degree programs

SALCC to focus on degree programs

(GIS) – The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) is currently involved in a massive curriculum revision as the transformation to a full-fledged degree-granting university continues.

Principal of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Dr. Olivia Saunders, has been given the mandate to lead the institution towards achieving university status.

One of her current tasks is to rationalize the institution’s curriculum to reflect the university status that the college is aspiring for.

“Many persons would be familiar with the Division of Arts, Science and General Studies, its A Level course of study and CAPE exams. These are high school programs. We have to let them fade away,” she said. “We have passed already at the Academic Board, associate degrees that do not replace CAPE, but put us directly on the path to become a university college. We are not saying that students won’t be able to come to the college to take CAPE courses, but our core business will not be CAPE anymore. Our core business will be the associate degree program.”

Meanwhile, the college to university transition process at the SALCC is not without challenges.

According to Dr. Saunders, she would have liked to see curriculum development at a more advanced stage.

“But given that what we are asking for so many brand new persons in the faculty, I prefer for us to be slow and deliberate because that way we will have sustainable practices in the institution,” she said.

Currently, the SALCC is also working on a bachelor’s degree program in nursing that will be vetted by the General Nursing Council. That, according to Professor Sanders, is expected to be completed in the not too distant future.


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