SALCC to become University College

SALCC to become University College


GIS – In Wednesday’s throne speech, Governor-General of Saint Lucia, H.E. Dame Pearlette Louisy, made reference to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College’s ongoing journey to establish itself as a University College.

The Governor-General said the effort fell in line with government’s mandate to raise the standard and quality of education, particularly in the tertiary sector.

“The transformation to a University College acknowledges the need to expand tertiary education provision to a wider segment of the population and to enhance the quality of the human resource which will undergird our national development efforts,” she said.

“It is anticipated that legislation establishing the University College will be laid before the House during the 2016-2017 academic year to enable the first entrants to register in August 2017 for the  institution’s own Bachelor’s degrees  in Business, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and Nursing.”

She admitted the initiative to establish the Community College as a University College would elicit a great deal of time and effort.

“It will of course take a few years for the institution to be fully established as it consolidates its program offerings and improves the quality and level of its administrative structure, its physical plant, its staffing and support services. The cost of operating an institution of that nature will be significant. The College is in the process of restructuring its operational and financial management systems to meet these needs, but collectively, we as a community will need to determine how these future costs will be met.”

H.E. Dame Pearlette Louisy is a former educator and principal of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.


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  1. Our Constitutional document ensures that the GG repeats what is given to her to read by the PM of the day. This is the constitution.
    But since the PM has given the script, the Saint Lucian Actors' Guild know that she is just playing her part. She does it well. It is time for an OSCAR.
    That the news of the university college upgrade is nothing new means that somebody is trying to play us for fools. There is nothing there that says that this is not just another election ploy placed in the speech for the consumption of our very gullible, of which we have so many in our country. They don't seem to get tired of trying ever to continue playing us for fools?
    There seems to be no end to these better days. SLP does only one thing well, which is to try to fool people. Each and every public statement is wrapped up in deception. What a party! I wonder how many people can see through this, as just another clown act?


  2. It is a real pity that our respected Governor General should be made to recite such hypocrisy from Kenny.
    When the S.L.P. came into power, they found that a considerable amount of work had been done regarding transforming S.A.L.C.C. into a University College. The new name would have been, Sir Arthur Lewis University College.
    Interestingly, the degrees which are being proposed are IDENTICAL to the ones which had already been approved after much planning and discussion!

    Many interest groups and partners were involved in the consultation.

    When the new administration took over, they said that they were not interested. In fact, one of them commented, "why move from a good Community College to a poor university." Such was the extent of his foresight, or was it recklessness!

    I am sad that our G. G. should be made to read this! Very sad!


  3. The idea to turn SALCC into a University is a noble idea, but we are soooo far from that happening it's not even funny. SALCC is barely operating as a community college. First we need to make it a top notch community college before we can start talking University. As usual, we will do a rush thing, things won't be in place, we'll boast that we have a University and it will be chaotic and ineffective. We just don't seem to learn from our mistakes. Take the time and do it right!


  4. this current slp government has collected more money than any other ruling party in the history of St. lucia, especially with the immediate 15% vat, can someone please show me a general improvement in our education system, our roads, in our infrastucture, in our health care system, in our legal system,. They're taking credit for arrivals in tourism, Lorne and Tourist Board for goodness sake stop leaching off Sandals aggressive and exemplary marketing campaign. have you ever seen a St. Lucia Tourist Board advertisment on CNN, ABC or NBC but you would definitely see a Sandals ad. It's high time we get rid of these dinosaurs we call politicians, who get a pension whether they do a good job or not. Electorate don't play with them at election time eh! bon! behold the power of your almighty vote!


  5. It would be great to have a university but SALCC is already such a poorly managed school. Lack of furniture, lack of lunch tables, One tiny computer lab for study use when there are thousands of students..I mean why not fix your current issues first?


  6. Sorry but SALCC is not ready any time soon for even being turned into a university. The school lacks funds and furniture , the teachers are underpaid and in order to have a university the school needs to find more qualified lecturers with phd's . If the school can't even pay their lecturers what they deserve with their qualification do you even think that they would be able to pay the others that may come in what they deserve. How can they even have the money to change the school into a university . This will not even be able to take place in 2017 . this will take a number of years. The school is certainly not ready for this step at all.


  7. its been over 15 years since i attended salcc and have been hearing that since then. Changing the name from college to university college and not adding variety in to the courses offered is not good enough. Bachelor’s degrees in Business, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and Nursing is just an "upgrade" from certificate and associate. Please add a lot more fields so many other ppl with different backgrounds and interest apart from strict academia have a chance. take a page from any of the many colleges in tnt.


  8. What about natural sciences. we need stuff like pharmacology, doctors etc we focus enough on business as it is already


  9. sir Arthur lewis cannot expand beyond its grounds on the morne, makes little sense in trying to do that. to be truly successful taking into account future trends, the college/university has to move to the south of the island where there is enough land space, with bus services specific to the college connecting the capital to vieux fort, at specific times including evenings. you people in st lucia eh ready yet for re-innovation an rethinking. and certain programmes can remain at sir arthur, for a bit, up to perhaps a level . otherwise anything above that should be in the south.


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