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SALCC security guard arrested for allegedly attempting to rape student

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The attempted rape suspect being escorted by police in handcuffs.

The attempted rape suspect being escorted by police in handcuffs.

A security personnel at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) is now in police custody following an alleged rape attempt on a female student.

It is reported that a group of students, including the said victim, were playing a game of hide and seek when the incident occurred sometime around 6.p.m. Wednesday.

It is alleged that the 18-year-old woman was hiding in a classroom referred to as the VAR Room number 3 on campus when the security guard launched his attack.

One student explained that they were awaiting transportation to Soufriere at the time but it was delayed, so they decided to engage in a few games.

Reports are that the alleged perpetrator entered the room in which the student was hiding and closed the door. He began asking the student inappropriate questions and pulled out his penis.

After witnessing that, the young woman reportedly jumped through a window and shouted for help.

The other students heard the shouting and ran towards the classroom, where she related to them what had happened. The others went for help and arrived minutes later with another guard and the police.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that the incident attracted a large crowd of angry onlookers who shouted words like ‘pervert’ and ‘rapist,’ when the alleged perpetrator was being escorted.

A video has been uploaded on social media website, Facebook and has been shared several times.

Saint Lucia has recorded several cases of rape and attempted rape over the past several months.

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  1. the were playing hide and bull! loool

  2. Story is missing something with that idea of an 18 year old woman playing Hide and Seek.
    While it is true the Security should be protecting, there is something wrong with this story.

    • Whats wrong with an a level student playing hide and seek? They just left secondary school they are just kids man. Im a grown ass man and I play hide and seek with my siblings and for shts and giggles othe adults even join in.

      You probably one of these socially crippled guys who believe that every female who smiles at you is trying to seduce you. Makings of a pervert. Dont justify the actions of the rapist because your perverted mind cannot fathom innocence.

  3. Yhy didn't he go behind the school and jock instead, he would be free today.

  4. 18 yr olds playing hide & seek????????. Something is missing in this story.

    • there is nothing missing in this story. what is soooo wrong eighteen year olds cant play hide and seek? hmm? what are you assuming or trying to say?

    • Since when there is an age limit to playing hide and seek? As a parent you are forbidden to play hide and seek with your kids? What are you implying? You see how the whorped mind works, that's exactly why boys and girls, men and women cannot be just friends.

    • Apparently your brain must have been dropped off in some 'anonymous' place and you haven't been able to locate it yet

    • At least they wont having sex In a classroom. Chpzz

    • Agreed....ent no 18 yr old woman would be playing Hise and Seek at 6 pm at the school.

      • To all those who think it is absurd that they were playing hide and seek. You people get me sick. I went to SALCC over 10yrs ago. I am in my early 30's and vividly remember getting ribbons, wearing pigtails and playing hangman in the gazebo during our periods. Clearly you did not make it to that level. There were girls who stayed out a year and joined us at A Level at 18yrs. That didn't stop them from joining in on the fun. I am disheartened that this incident has occurred and people rather comment on the game and not the issue at hand. I read this and quickly thought of my younger sister who attends A Level. What are your minds made of? How could you not wrap your thoughts around this frightening issue. Many people relive their youth at that age. I know I did. Take a class or two. It may be easier to discuss this if you elevate yourselves and broaden your narrow thoughts. Otherwise maintain your bubble thinking and I will try not to get too disgusted by your mediocre, unwitting comments.

  5. Aa he suppose to protect and secure them and he is the attacker.World a world.I feel so sorry they did not make real love to him.He is so luck.

  6. Let God be praised!

    He is too old to be playing hide and seek,back in the day it was called playing mommy and daddy, so he probably had the same temperament this time around...lol.

    Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shalt find...kjv

    • first of all the guy was not playing hide and seek the story never said that it was the girl and her friends that were playing hide and seek

      • Let God be praised!

        It is reported that a group of students, including the said victim, were playing a game of hide and seek when the incident occurred sometime around 6.p.m. Wednesday.

        • exactly you idiot. it is reported a group of students INCLUDING THE VICTIM. THE VICTIM. the VICTIM is the girl he tried to rape not him, he inst the VICTIM, he is the perpetrator. what school you went to? unbah banan secondary school you cant understand English. smdh

    • please read properly

  7. show their faces. take a look at the woman who stole people's passport. the con woman. her picture was broadcasted worldwide. now he tried raping an innocent young lady and his face is hidden.. we need to expose them. what a couple of years down the line he becomes a handyman and somebody hires the pig. we need to expose these men

    • as it is in the law and also sno has posted many times before they cant show the persons face because of the nature of the crime, as much as it would be in the publics interest to know who the rapist are. but the thing is when the video was being recorded it was a bit difficult to get his face because it was night time and when we tried to get closer the police got hostile and even went as far as grabbing the phone of one of the bystanders that was recording and also went as far as telling people if you are recording to stop it. am not sure why but thats what happened.

  8. boy if they had get mate he would a stick in that i saw students with pieces of sticks ready to lick him down, even people who were attending classes that were not salcc students was going to beat him to and the thing that burning me after the guard do his thing he is even threatening the angry onlookers telling them ah yall should a knock me.

  9. SOME OF THESE ST.LUCIAN MEN ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT !!! Guys calm down, you all to desperate!! Be calm, take the girls out on a date, stay cool, be easy.

    If you try and the girl refuse or she not ready to give it up. SO WHAT ? That's just one girl out of a million. Don't go sexually assaulting women and become a predator fellas.

    Some of you weak guy ain't got no PLAY. Strong arming the women. smh... You all need counseling, jail time and a good flogging, you all taking this sh**t too far... Sad state of affairs when we can't trust the security!! WOW !!


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