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SALCC security guard accused of exposing himself to student released

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The security guard being escorted by police in handcuffs.

The security guard being escorted by police in handcuffs.

A security guard accused of exposing himself to a female student of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SACC) has been released from police custody, according to reports.

The man who was initially taken into custody on Wednesday, November 16, was released on Saturday.

He is accused of exposing his private part to an 18-year-old female student who he allegedly followed into a classroom, while she was playing a game of hide and seek with her classmates.

The student reportedly jumped from a window and alerted her friends.

The incident attracted a large crowd of angry onlookers and police had to intervene.


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  1. why should they? he was not charged. we all know women are emotional. it could have been blown out of proportion. Is she sure he FOLLOWED her, or was her already in there?? maybe he was masturbating in there and she entered whil play hide and seek. I mean a woman told police I threatened her because I said "im going to get my child from her" See that why we shouldnt jump to conclusions.
    Would you like your name released because you were accused of something but couldnt even be charged based on lack of evidence. Especially if you didnt even do what you are accused of?? I know you wouldnt

    • Lmao y Lucian men so retarded? Regardless of if he was masturbating in the skl (which apparently is OK to do in the job according to you) ,or trying to make a sexual advance on the girl. HE IS WRONGG AND SHE IS THE VICTIM. I hope u say it same nonsense if it happens to your child (: Ure very ignorant but God bless u and the ignorant lool who liked your comment (:

  2. Why not publish his name and picture. Whose high-profile son or nephew is he, else why not publish like every one else taken into custody. This one smells...

    His release is yet another example of why so many of our abused women never report or come forward -- men dominate.

    It's time to get out of the colonial 1400's and treat women as equals.

    • Why would you want to release his name when he was not charged for any crime? There was an allegation made and base on that he was arrested and an investigation initiated and base on the findings he was released. The sad thing is the report did not give any other information but that he was released, so the public is left to make assumptions.

    • yow this is no ones high profile nephew you just stupid


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