SALCC rapidly scales-up online instruction

SALCC rapidly scales-up online instruction

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College has moved rapidly to scale-up online delivery of academic courses given the suspension of face-to-face classes which came into effect on Monday March 16, 2020.

These measures are in keeping with the new guidelines and protocols as set out by the Department of Education, and Ministry of Health to aid the mitigation strategies for COVID-19.

The SALCC Faculty and support staff are working assiduously to ensure that all students are able to complete the academic year in as seamless a framework as possible. Lecturers are currently upgrading their skills through a series of online training to strengthen their capacity for live lectures and dissemination of interactive resources as well as online assessments and monitoring.

The College is also working diligently to bridge the digital divide and ensure that no student is left behind. A significant share of students have already signed up for the online platform and a survey of students’ online needs is underway to ascertain their access to technology.

Principal of the College, Dr. Keith Nurse at meetings on Monday March 16th encouraged staff to embrace the “new normal” and seize the opportunities of the e-learning experience as we pursue the health and wellness of students, staff and key stakeholders in these unprecedented times. He would also like to assure students that The College is ramping up its digital footprint and capabilities to meet their requirements as exemplified by the redesigned website and social media platforms. Dr. Nurse calls on all students and staff to practise the public health protocols that have been put in place by our local, regional and global health agencies and to do our part to lessen the spread and contamination of the Covid 19 virus.


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