SALCC lecture series continues

SALCC lecture series continues

(GIS) – “Kwéyòl-la Pa Bata!” The Saint Lucian Language Situation and the use of Kwéyòl in the Classroom will be the topic for discussion in Up/Rising: The Illumination Series hosted by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

The lecture takes place on Wednesday, April 4, at 7 p.m. in CEHI Room 1.

The third lecture in the series will be delivered by Dr. Kathy Depradine, Head of the Communication Studies Department and a lecturer at the Division of Teacher Education and Educational Administration.

Dr. Depradine has been a teacher for the last twenty years. She spent the first half of her teaching career attached to the Ciceron Combined School and has been a lecturer of Language and Linguistics at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College for the past ten years.

Dr. Depradine is very passionate about Language learning and teaching in creole/vernacular contexts such as that which exists in the former British territories of the Eastern Caribbean and also with equipping teachers of Language Arts with the necessary skills to function effectively in these contexts. She was also a member of the 2017 OECS/ITEN Haiti Mission Team and a member of the planning Committee for the Saint Lucia Language Policy and Instruction Conference held in 2017. She holds a BA and a PhD in Linguistics both from the University of the West Indies.

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College is supported by the Vaughan A. Lewis Institute for Research and Innovation (VALIRI) in seeking to inspire research and the sharing of knowledge. The OECS, FLOW and Acid Creations have provided support for the online streaming of the lecture. Ménage a Trois wines recently came on board as a new sponsor.

The lecture series is designed to help faculty, researchers and experts in their field share research, ideas and innovation with the broader community consequently resulting in a more informed citizenry. The lectures will be streamed LIVE via social media and video on demand at

The public is invited to attend the lecture on Wednesday.

For details, contact Nathalie Fanis at 758.285.4896.


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  1. I am not proud of disguised ignorance of learning a language that is narrow in scope and universal use, and then to try to use it as bridge to the world of science. If this is not a whole heap of crap, then floating Shate, bobbing and weaving in swollen river, is 24 carat gold.


    • Funny thing that! The people who are interested in our children learning Patw-English as a stepping stone to communicate with the world, will never have to endure the crap that they are hoping to put our young through.

      Most of all. Most of all. Most of all. Pay close attention.

      They all made it to the top where they are now preaching their crap, but without the load of bilge they are promoting. Some, their parents even forbade them to speak a genuine word of creole inside the home! Yet, they made it to the top without it.

      Today, people are just capping Patois sounds as they speak.

      La nee ... = It have .... Waypon mwen.... = Reply me .... The "to" is not in Patios; it is out of the picture, in our local version of English too. Who hell do they think they are kidding? Me? You?


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