SALCC informational lecture, today

SALCC informational lecture, today

(GIS) – The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College will, today, host the second in a series of informational lectures delivered by experts in various fields.

“Panic and Peril: Human Behaviour in Fire Situations” is the topic for the second in the lecture series” Up/Rising: The Illumination Series. The lecture takes place on Wednesday, March 7, at 7 p.m., at CEHI Room 1.

The second lecture will be delivered by Mr. Rohan John Baptiste a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Division of Technical Education and Management Studies.

Mr. John Baptiste holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Las Villas, in Santa Clara, Cuba. He graduated with an International Master of Science and Fire Safety Engineering degree which he pursued with the Universities of Lund in Sweden, Ghent University in Belgium and University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The lecture series is designed to help faculty, researchers and experts in their field share research, ideas and innovation with the broader community consequently resulting in a more informed citizenry.

Up/Rising: The Illumination Series will improve the level of discourse within civil society and allow for more meaningful engagements with government and other social partners on key national policies and issues.

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College is supported by the Vaughan A. Lewis Institute of Research (VALIRI) in seeking to inspire research and the sharing of knowledge. The OECS, FLOW and Acid Creations have provided support for the online streaming of the lecture.

The lectures will be streamed LIVE via social media and video on demand at The public is invited to attend.


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