SALCC emloyees discuss grievances

SALCC emloyees discuss grievances

Employees at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) met with the Civil Service Association (CSA) recently to discuss their grievances as the union and management of the college get set to hold negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.

This is one of several meetings convened between the union and the college staff this year.

The CSA has already written to the institution’s management to highlight worker issues. A main concern is occupational health and safety at the school. Last year, mold and structural issues resulted in the transfer of three of the institution’s divisions to the George FL Charles site.

Assistant General Secretary of the union Mc Stephen Aubertin explained also that the tardiness in the arrival of uniforms, promotions not being done “in the appropriate manner” are other issues being brought to the fore.

He described the recent meeting with staff as a “very passionate but very interesting” one.

“Members indicated that they believe that the college was taking a little too long to address unresolved issues to which we agreed. But all in all, they demonstrated their satisfaction with the level of representation given by the CSA,” Aubertin said, while noting that college management has given the commitment to address workers’ concerns.

“There was a question of a young lady who was promised a promotion because she had completed a particular course… and she was having difficulty in getting the promotion. Based on our representation, the lady has now been promoted. So members were very happy about this. So our next move now is to find out from them, in fact, we instructed them to meet during the week to come up with areas which they would like us to write the college about re our negotiations,” he added.

As to the upcoming negotiations, he noted:“The exercise we are now doing with Sir Arthur is what we have done with our government members at all branches. We went to the branches to find out from our members what is it that they would like us to write to the government on their behalf in terms of fringes and wages. That exercise has been concluded and we are in the process of forwarding our proposals to the government so we intend to meet with government very, very soon to commence negotiations. We are a member of the TUF so we have agreed that on the question of wage increase we do that as a collective body.”


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  1. Mr Aubertin, you guy let these members to suffer under the previous administration and now you want to put pressure on the present administration when you have left everything deteriorate badly under the SLP administration. I agree if it is bad it have to be fixed but it is your nasty attitude. Your non caring attitude toward your members when the SLP party is in government. That is sad. I know you all intention is to dis-stabilise the country but your member has suffered because of your nasty motive. We know your agenda. I know there are lots of problems which accumulated under the past administration with nothing said by the CSA. I know they have to be fixed.


  2. Does anyone remember the huge explosion in bexon, this case has now been buried nothing is being done right in our country anymore. And when I decide to take things into my own hands how am I being wrong when I cannot get justice from the legal system.


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